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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Dam Short Film Festival

Dam Short Film Festival

Volunteers, interns and sponsors needed.

Festival February 11, 12 and 13, 2010.

Screenings are at the Historic Boulder Theater, courtesy of Desi Arnez Jr. and his wife. The Festival office, events and hospitality are located in the even more historic Boulder Dam Hotel.

Help keep a small but great short film festival alive!

I sit on the board and screening committees for this fun little short film festival, with international exposure and a high rate of films going on to success in other festivals.

Consider much appreciated sponsorships.

Businesses, actors, writers, patrons of the arts will get exposure in ways larger festivals may not offer. Go to the web site or call to see how you can get your name out there...

We need volunteers to reach out to the film communities here, in LA and world wide.

Volunteer applications are being accepted for the festival dates.

There are for credit internships available through the College of Southern Nevada and the Art Institute.

Its also a great place to float your films...

Films go on to earn awards and distribution from other festivals or distributors.

It's a great place to show young (and even older) film makers the difference SAG talent makes.

And a fun excuse to visit Las Vegas (the Strip is 30 minutes away in a different valley in a world far far away from quiet Boulder City).

The amount we need and the cost of the festival will surprise you in how little will help us!

Looking for sponsors to keep small town world wide festival alive!

Dam Short Film Festival needs support to go into 7th season.

Sponsorship opportunities start as low as $75 for great exposure for clients and fun.

A major sponsorship is yours for far less than you may thing, and reflects in a positive way on your reputation, business and spirit!

No commissions, all of your money goes to the festival.

No large salaries, in fact most of the work costs are for rented items such as projectors..

Volunteer festival international in scope.

The Dam Short Film Society

806 Buchanan Blvd, Ste 115-181
Boulder City, NV 89005
Fax 702-293-2164
2010 (at) damshortfilm (dot) org

Charlene Brewer, Executive Director:

Feel free to search the archieve of this blog and its sister blogs for more on the festival.

Box Office did not help

While box-office is at an all time high, topping ten billion dollars (Avatar alone is now at $300 million domestic), overall the entertainment industry is down 4% from last year's flat numbers. The trade publication AdWeek used an image from "Honey I Shrunk the Kids" to illustrate how hard it is to find a silver lining in an otherwise dismal outlook.2009 was a rocky one for most of us, and for the entertainment industry it was a year of major change.

The public may look at them as different, but from a corporate and employement standpoint movies, television, cable, satellite, Blue Ray, DVD, Internet and digital production and distribution are tied at the hip, along with recorded music, concerts, theme parks, books and consumer electronics. All felt the pinch of a very bad year for entertainment.

Studio heads rolled, or in some cases advanced, as if a giant board game were in play. Advertising revenue plummeted, networks panicked,  actors and creatives went (for the most part) out of work, businesses in Los Angeles folded at a rate more rapid then the Writer's Strike (shuttered major prop houses were used by the media as tangible illustrations of the impact of the recession on Hollywood). Jay Leno began a brave experiment at 10 PM for NBC, all in the name of saving money (his severance, lawsuits, cost of production for the high cost dramas he replaced), Comcast purchased NBC from GE (controlling interstest of NBC-Universal as GE still owns up to 49%). 11 of the top 100 media firms filed for bankrupty in 2009, with many others hanging on by their virtual fingernails. Spin-offs, sales, divestitures and the loss of foreign investment money made for an interesting entertainment industry business read. Fox and Time-Warner enter into the New Year at war over cable subsriber money. 3-D turns a corner with "Avatar" but will people continue to pay a premium for the 3D screenings (most Avatar screening and revenue are on film or digital projection standard screens)?

And what will 2010 bring?

SAG Awards January 23

Reminder: The SAG Awards are this month and we should be receiving our ballots (dues current SAG members only) this weekend (I have yet to see mine).  A party is being planned, or you can set your own.