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Tuesday, January 31, 2012


(students note that references in this posting are APA, which is the required reference source citation for the course sections I teach).

The Millennial Generation is the largest generation in history, with Baby Boomers leaving us as they age, and Millennials growing up into a significant political, economic and eventual power brokering generation. They may represent to their children the same obsticles that their parent sand grandparents represented to them, holding jobs and influencing power in ways that limit the voice of the next two generations that follow

Millennial students are now dominating college, universities, entry level jobs and much of the marketing target for the still youth centered media. They voted less in the 2010 election than 2008, are less likely to broadcast their politics and ideas (except on Facebook) and in many ways represent the largest shift in demographic make-up and power since the Eisenhower years gave birth to the Baby Boom.

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Roy Hardin said...

The Millennial generation definitely causes great concern. This generation seems to be so self-centered and concerned with immediate gratification that they may have lost sight of what it means to work for something that is important.