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Saturday, December 7, 2013

72 Years Ago Today: A Day That Will Live in Infamy: Peal Harbor, December 7, 1941


dulcenea leae com101-4041 said...

When I was in elementary school, we took a trip to the Pearl Harbor Memorial. I remember seeing the many names and couldn't help but feel so bad for those who didn't have to die.

Dane Gerace com101 6002 said...

Not many people, mainly younger adults, had no idea what happened December 7, 1941, since they didn't get the day off from work or school. I almost understand since it didnt happen in their generations, but it wasnt that long ago. Its not like forgetting when Ceasar crossed the border with his soliders hundreds of years ago. Its just surprises me how our uncaring our generation is.

Danielle Scarano 4041 said...

crazy pictures! seems so long ago but everyone still remembers. its great to know history.

Anonymous said...

I have always had an odd infatuation with Pearl Harbor and WWII. It kind of makes me wish I could have lived during such a tragic, but loving and patriotic time.

Danielle Davis

Anonymous said...

When I visited Hawaii, my mother and I went to the Pearl Harbor Memorial. The feeling I got when I stepped into this white room with windows everywhere so you could see the sunken ship and the little parts that stood out of the water was breath taking. One thing I will never forget is the tour guide saying, “Look over here where you can see the oil from the ship ever so slightly rise to the surface. We say these are the tears of the fallen soldiers who died in the ship and were never recovered.” Everyday just enough oil slips through to the top of the water where you can see this rainbow like reflection where the sun hits the oil in the water. It is simply amazing!

Chantel T.