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Thursday, July 11, 2013

What we have here is a failure to communicate

Posturing is in full swing in the pundits and commentators. No talk of the big bucks and false representations used in elections. Denial of a vote against incumbents or a vote from economic fear and frustration, instead calling it a unity on the Republican side and a shift to that party. No admission to the "just say no" policy that paralyzed Washington, all to gain this Republican win. And no morning after realization of the economics and true position that exist in Washington, in states and at local levels, where a new wave of massive unemployment is about to hit a governments and government related private contractor layoffs to deal with real budget emergencies from coast to coast. No talk about how you can lower taxes and cut government and still provide services in a recessed economy with a very real loss of tax income for public services and essentials, including the war, police, education and infrastructure.

No talk by Democrats on how they missed the message, failed to communicate their side, failed to counter the untruths in cookie cutter campaign ads for Republicans from coast to coast, a failure to take politics to the need of the local grass roots that has always been the base of the Democratic party and a strong feeling that Democrats have been bullying legislation instead of compromise. No talk of how in pushing for long time Democratic goals, which do benefit the little guy, they stepped on some big toes and failed to fully get the American people to understand their agenda.

Neither seem to admit the realities of war, war deficit, our near depression avoided through emergency action presented as "evil" in Republican ads. Neither seem to have heard the voice of the American public for government to work, to work together and make things better for all of us.

Republican feathers being plumed up, Democrats sulking like dogs who failed to hear the voice of their masters.

And not much talk of or realization of the big dollar, blind box, bias and even untruthful advertising by special interests masquerading as service organizations and good natured citizens.

Americans must improve in our listening skills, in our ability to compromise, in our tolerance of each other and of true debate, not shouting and yelling and arguing and polarization.

First Posted 11-3-2010 Election Day

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