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Sunday, November 4, 2012

War, what is is good for

More than 330 titles are spread across 13 discs for Next Stop Is Vietnam, an ambitious anthology of music inspired by the Vietnam War.

This Veterans Day is time to pay tribute to all those who have served their country, both volunteers and conscripts, those drafted and those who joined for their own reason. All put aside the best years of their young lives for their country.

I am from the very tail end of the Vienam generation, a generation that often modern college students have trouble understanding. For one we had a draft and draft numbers. The war included patriots of all colors and types, but for the most part the latter years of the war were fought by whatever minority or poor American could not get out of the draft, finding their way to a bloody war in a place far away in a conflict that by then many felt we could not win. 

The story and and the collection it is about, is not one of war protest or liberals, but one of believers and soldiers on both sides who captured their emotions, beliefs and ideas in song. The collection spans far more than Viet Nam, bringing us almost up to current day.

It is probably one heck of a great collection of classic rock, folk and country as well!

The history of the Vietnam War has been told many times in hundreds of books, movies and plays. But Next Stop Is Vietnam explores the impact of that conflict through the popular music it inspired. Click here for the written and audio story from NPR's All Things Considered, including video links.

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