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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Too Much Information clogs the mobile world

Too many phones and smart computers?

By the end of this year (2010)the amount of information carried by call phones, smart phones and mobile data devices will be 18 times the amount contained in every book ever written in the history of mankind.

AT&T and iPhone got a bad rap when cell phone service in NYC ground to a halt. The overall metro system, it seems, was overtaxed and in need of upgrade. Such upgrades require money, and carriers say that the way to generate that money, and relive the system from overuse, is to charge more and charge by data use (for examples videos will cost more or ear up your "credits').  The too the heavy marketing push for G4, which is really no faster than some carriers G3 (AT&T as an example), eats up a greater bandwidth and therefore takes up data transmission space than its predecessor. As we seek more and better service, we are also rushing toward paying more or facing crashes or down time on existing systems.

This volume may mean the end of "free" Internet, as to provide service avoid drop outs and reboots, it may be necessary to limit use or charge consumers by use instead of monthly access. Of course this information is coming form the industry, which is interested in both countering complaints by customers an increasing profits.

First published 11-12-2010

1 comment:

Lydia Scherr said...

WEll i definitely wouldn't want to pay for internet by usage, almost everything that a smart phone does relies on the internet..