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Saturday, November 3, 2012


A difference in civility.

Watching TV and listening to post-election coverage I hear "boos" for Democrats who did win at Republican election night events coast to coast. Meanwhile the Democratic event I was at and others I saw on TV had polite applause for the announcement of Republican victors in offices.

Of course we cheered Harry Reid when he came to the stage to serve another six year representing Nevada in the Senate, entering a difficult time for Democrats, but far from the most difficult of his career in public service.

How can you work with the other party to govern if you "boo"the president or your opposing party? And you would think the party of "business" would have better decorum and respect than has been shown.

Published November 3, 2010


taboada4041 said...

thats kinda funny id figure this men of 'stature' wouldnt be booing like teenage kids who dont get thier way haha

Maura Goldberg COM101 6002 said...

That is not surprising at all - the politicians cannot get past their differences of opinions professionally, let alone act mature or supportive of each other.

Anonymous said...

Our nation seems to be lenient on many more things other than allowing booing to accur. We have a lot of immature behavior going on. Are we that surprised? Our country is fighting to allow drugs to be legal, and then we wonder why people act the way they do. Who knows, there are probebly a bunch of high or drunk people in the crowd.

Chris Smith com101 sec4049

Anonymous said...

Jeff (Phoenix HUM/114) In reading this comment I see politics becoming more of a mud slinging fest then it is about managing our country and guiding it in the right direction. Politics should be one, not divided by parties. We are a nation of one! We allow others into our country, speak other languages, embrace the different customs, but still try to come together as one. I feel the American people need to do more to open the eyes of the politicians by setting aside the political parties we represent and doing everything we can to rebuild this nation without filling the politicians pockets with kick backs from lobbyist. We need to get off our lazy butts and take a step back, work some jobs we may not want to do, get off the welfare bus, buy American made goods and create a revolution and kick these politicians to the curb. Then we will see which party is booing. The democrats may be hiding their reactions of the republican boos, but you know as well as I do that they do the same thing in their own devilish ways.

Phoenix Carmen said...

Politicians can be worse than children and they need to learn how to be civil and work together as a team instead of enemies. The US needs leaders that can agree so we can get put of the mess we're in as a country.