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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

China: Superpower of the 21st century

"When the Japanese and European companies that pioneered high-speed rail agreed to build trains for China, they thought they'd be getting access to a booming new market, billions of dollars worth of contracts and the cachet of creating the most ambitious rapid rail system in history.

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What they didn't count on was having to compete with Chinese firms who adapted their technology and turned it against them just a few years later."

China is the new superpower. They are set on being the most powerful country on earth and have a formula to do so. Partner with foreign companies, invest in foreign governments, hold out a peaceful hand and while doing to borrow or steal all they can to build an infrastructure that will ensure they dominate manufacturing, farming and industry well into the 21st century.

They learn from their partners and then use technology that is not theirs to build even better cars, trains, planes and power plants. In all areas China now leads the world in cutting edge technology and is selling directly against the US, Japan and Europe in the international market.

A new international airline built better and at lower cost than the US Boeing, or Europe's Airbus is making the rounds of world markets. Chines high speed rail is pitching California and Germany to use their technology, which is really American and European technology with improvements.

They are building their own manned space power, while the US does not even have its own way to send astronauts into space and NASA slashed its budget, and its short term future, to near nothing.

China is developing weapons of their own, while reverse engineering American, French, British and German weapons technology.

China is claiming previously, and internationally agreed upon, international waters as their own.

China claims the Republic of China located on the island of Taiwan is as a province operating illegally as a country, and has from time to time threatened to take it by force.

China is responsible for killing more American soldiers in one day, than at any other time in history (when "Red" China entered the Korean War/ Crisis / Police action while out troops were enjoying a holiday truce).

China and India have been at odds for decades. Both have large and well armed militaries with nuclear weapons .

China suppresses civil rights, censors Internet and has a differing view on ethics, national rights and human rights.

Despite American pride and egos, China is poised to be the super-power of the 21st century.

That is why the US Government, while selling goods, technology and friendship, also has back-up plans for a possible war in South East Asia.

For more on the trains, see page 1 of today's Wall Street Journal or Click here.
From 11/18/2010

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