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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Casting Mafia

by Vic Perillo
producer, writer,
former SAG Agent and
AFTRA Field Rep.

The Casting System Mafia loves the fact that their workshop  are advertised in official SAG Web sites.  They could care less if the disclaimer that is added to their announcements are there.

The problem is that nothing the casting directors tell the actors in the 400.00 dollar workshop do they implement in their daily casting;  

I got it, Lets have the actors conduct workshop for casting director, 98% of them have no concept of what acting is.

The sad reality is that this entire industry is working under the definition of acting taught by the Casting system of America;  We are in trouble!

If the ACTORS UNION does not fight for the integrity of the craft of acting then who will?

Certainly not the casting directors.

I've been conducting free workshops at colleges, universities, acting schools for over 40 years, I never charged a dime;

If you want to do something fantastic with your web site, start by encouraging young actors to first go to legitimate acting conservatories and basically be trained. We need to get artist actors back into the craft of acting.

Good luck  you're doing great work Art

Victor Perillo

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