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Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Year of the Woman?

High profile Women in current political positions are the exception rather than the rule, and often do not reflect women as much as male dominated money.

A few facts:

17% of Congress are women.

6 women governors out of 52 (includes territories).

Less then 25% of all state legislatures are women.

Democratic non-incumbent women won 48% of their primaries, the highest on record. Democrats support and often are women. The Democratic party is majority women.

Republican non-incumbent women won just  28% of their primaries, the lowest in decades. Republicans support men. The Republican Party is majority male.

Men outnumber women in the Republican party. The issues tend to be less empathetic and less considerate of women and minorities.

Women tend to be more moderate and even liberal than men, including within the Republican party.

Conservatives won primaries and may win general elections, but these are a new generation of conservative set on disrupting and shutting down government rather than making it work. A few high profile candidates are women, but more women went down in flames to the conservative backlash.

So, for the next two years or so expect nothing to happen.

For those who feel that nothing happened during the last two years of the "just say no" Republican "minority" (using the heavy handed weapon of threat of filibuster in the senate), look at the record:

We avoided a Great Depression.

We saved millions of jobs relate to the automotive and other industries.

We provide increased aid to the elderly, the ill and single parents.

We eliminated just being a woman from being a pre-existing condition that raised health insurance costs and put limits on life time coverage.

We guaranteed that all children have insurance.

While overall income is down, the amount women make in relation to men has risen dramatically, as women move toward equal pay for equal work.

We elevated the supreme court to the highest percentage of women in history.

The third person in line and one of the top three most powerful elected politicians in Washington is a woman.

The most powerful person next to the president representing the US in the international world is a woman.

The list goes on...

Do not believe that nothing has been accomplished over the past two years, particularly for women~!

And these Democratic women are not women who say that that a women should be in the home, that coverage for common diseases and maladies of women and children should have limits on coverage, and cut the very laws and services that are helping women to gain their rightful equal rights in our society.

First Published 10-31-10

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Colleen RT

It has taken decades and I'm sure it may take at least one more but us women will get the equal rights we've been fighting for. My only wish for the future is that women would understand their worth at a young age. Just think if instead of girls thinking that their looks were everything they realized that knowledge and success are important this would be a much better world.