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Sunday, March 15, 2015

More sample midterm and final questions

More sample midterm and final exam questions,

Indicate whether the statement is true or false. Select the best answer.

____ 1. Highlighting, clarifying, and complementing your oral presentation is what media presentation is all about.

____ 2. Award presentations should include the positive and negative attributes of the person receiving the award.

____ 3. The primary responsibility for communication is the speakers.

____ 4. Informative speakers can make a speech topic come alive by connecting the topic to the audience in meaningful ways.

____ 5. There are actually four different ways of listening.

____ 6. Prejudice is a comunication short hand that is easily changed.

____ 7. A transition that indicates a key move in a speech, making its organization clear to the audience is called a signpost.

____ 8. Ethical public speaking requires a dialogue between speakers and listeners.

____ 9. A positive attitude can help you deliver a better speech.

____ 10. Using responses associated with fear to give a better presentation is referred to as the spotlight effect.

____ 11. Most speeches of nomination are lengthy.

____ 12. Age as a demograhic overall carries more weight than economic level or geography.

____ 13. Slang is technical language associated with a specific profession or subject.

____ 14. If used correctly, presentation software will basically give your speech with minimal input from you.

____ 15. The extemporaneous delivery method is the most common one.

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Eric Raba said...

More great questions to study. Thanks again!