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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Billy Crystal, Jim Lehrer and others on Community Colleges in their lives

I really believe in what this video says, all of it. I hope you feel the same. You must learn to use what you gain here to help make your lives and the lives of others better, to launch yourself in an exciting direction and to believe in yourself and others. -Art Lynch

"China is not slashing education by 20%. India is not slashing education by 20%... No one is giving tax cuts to those who make over $250,000 while cutting education...You don't eat your seed corn."

"The US is 12th in the number of college degrees awarded. We are 18th in overall education. Not that long ago we lead the world in both.

Nevada cuts have exceeded a net of over 40% over the past three years with up to another 35% of the remaining budget this coming legislative year. At the same time students and people who would like to become students are seeing tuition rise, courses cut and in some cases the door closed. Elect candidates who will back your college eduction and the K-12 education of our children.

Guest on the video include Melinda Gates, Dr. Jill Biden, Billy Crystal and President Obama.

First posted 10/8/2010

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Diana Sandoval said...

I also agree with this video. I haven't been at CSN for very long but it is already having an impact on me. I am starting to see the world in a different way. I have now started thinking of a possible career. If I would not have been a part of CSN HS I would have never come across the knowledge I have gained now. Even though I am 16, I do see the importance of going to a junior college. Some my classmates are a bit older than me and I admire them for coming back to school and getting a degree. They are really setting a great example on me.