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Sunday, October 31, 2010

SAG Florida President Destroys Southern Florida for Halloween

From: Dave Corey 
SAG Florida National Board
 War of the Worlds

  Forgive the blatant, shameless promotion, but this might just give you a
cool idea for a Halloween "listening party"!  
On Halloween night, Sunday, =
from 6pm to 3am (Eastern),
you can click on 
and stream a production of 
"The War of the Worlds".  

It runs just short of 1 1/2 hours 
and is my adaptation 
of the Orson Welles 
1938 Mercury Theater on the Air 
adaptation of the H. G. Wells classic.  

You'll basically hear the destruction 
of South Florida!  

Originally intended to be broadcast live on 101.5 LITE FM,
management has deemed it just too frightening and 
dangerous to broadcast over the airwaves.

A total of 20 months is represented in this production, 
and I am thrilled to have had my son compose 
the original theme as assist me with the sound design.
I hope you can fit it into your schedule - maybe, 
get some friends over, turn down the lights, 
open a bottle or t wo of whatever, 
and gather around the computer.  

Just remember, it won't be available after 3am 
per contractual agreement with the Howard Koch estate.
Thanks, and a happy Halloween to you all!


Visit my website:

first posted 10-25-2010

A Google Halloween with Scooby Do and Company

From the London Telegraph:

10/31/2010 Publication DAte

When users go to the search engine's home page they are greeted to five elaborate illustrations, which have been designed in celebration for the annual day celebrated on October 31.
Clicking on the logo takes users from one illustration to another with a footprint underneath, which follow the sleuthing youths who are hunting a mysterious trick-or-treating candy ghost that has left a trail of sweets left behind.
Each picture shows the Hanna-Barbera's zany teen ghostbusters being chased by ghosts – Fred "Freddie" Jones, Daphne Blake, Velma Dinkley, Norville "Shaggy" Rogers and Scooby Doo – are shown investigating Halloween style clues in a bid to solve why the Google logo is missing.
The fourth illustration shows the hapless Shaggy and Scooby being scared by ghosts before the final colourful illustration shows the team surrounded by smiling pumpkins with the "villain" captured.
As one of the most infamous Great Danes, Scooby-Doo once said: "Rimage ris everything."
The popular Scooby Doo television adventure series has been a children's favourite since its creation in 1969. It follows the Mystery Machine-travelling gang on a series of ghostbusting adventures.

See also my Sunday Morning News and Views entries...

Angle shuts down local media, no invite to her Election night events

Republican Senate candidate Sharron Angle sidestepped questions Friday from TV reporters who tracked her to the airport, the latest evidence of a strategy to mostly stay away from the media in her dead-heat race with Majority Leader Harry Reid.

Reporters from the CBS and NBC affiliates surprised the tea party favorite at McCarran International Airport, where they asked her questions about national security and unemployment.

Angle responded, "I will answer those questions when I am the senator."

Her campaign, while allowing national media access, has banned local television stations from covering her election "victory" party on Tuesday night.

-Las Vegas Sun

Sunday Morning News and Views, Part V

The only poll that counts is the one at the ballot box.

We do not vote based on fact or reason, but on fantasy and emotion.

Yet in the long run the system works.

Thomas Jefferson's grand experiment, American Democracy works.

Over time...

Republicans are casting Tuesday's midterm elections as a referendum on the economic policies of President
Barack Obama. Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin tells "Fox News Sunday" that voters will send this message to the White House: "You blew it, President Obama."

On NBC's "Meet the Press the chairman of the Republicans Governors Association, Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour, sayid a strong turnout for Republican candidates will be seen as a repudiation of Obama's agenda. The head of the Democratic National Committee, Tim Kaine, said the midterm elections offer voters a choice between problem-solving Democrats and Republicans bent on obstructing Obama.

CBS Sunday Morning used much of its time on the hard news of the terrorist bomb threat and the network behind it. The threat is current, real and should be leading all news rather than last minutes political ploys by editors, reporters, talking heads...and,oh yes, politicians.

"The issue is not giving millionares billion dollar checks" Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) told "Face the Nation". She believes in the years ahead "courage will be standing up to work for this country, side by side with someone you do not necessarily agree with." The reason is takes courage is the volatile nature of the electorate and the way advertising takes every issue and vote out of perspective, coming back to haunt you. Priorities need to shift to the economy and jobs, something Democrats are more likely to face and work toward. Do you want people to face the nation and take the heat or someone who will stock and feed the fires and cause a lack of advancement for self political gain."The Bush cuts have to do, and the tax cuts from the Middle Class must be extended or expanded" meaning there has to be a "lame duck" session after the election or things will get worse fast, with January being too late.

"A rising tide lifts all boats" -John F Kennedy, 1963.

This Wednesday Discovery is making its last trip to orbit, and to the International Space Station. Only one other shuttle launch remains on NASA's official schedule, at the end of February. That will end 30 years of shuttle
flight unless money is forthcoming for an extra mission, and it will end the ability of the US to sent astronauts into space without renting space on other nations vehicles for at least a decade.

Sunday Morning News and Views, Part IV

Some famous last words from CBS Sunday Mornings. Tombstone last words that is. Jack Lemon was not ready for his film career to be over...his reads "Jack Lemon in...", Merve Griffin's reads "we'll be right back after these messages." The voice of Bugs Bunny and Porky Pig, Mel Blank's tombstone reads "and that's all folks."

A TV 8 Polls has Joe Heck with 53% to 48% lead over incumbent Congresswoman Dina Titus,although with the margin of error on the poll the race for Nevada's Third Congressional District puts the race at a dead heat. The race may not be able to afford the large buys by groups against Senator Reid or from the Reid campaign, but they do have their share of anger and hate, with Heck adds seeming to mirror Republican ads nationally in its claims and language, what is assumed to be a winning anti-Democrat formula in this year where "not all politics is local."

The RJ poll, done by a Republican polling company, puts the split Heck 53%, Titus 43%. This year the RJ has flown its flag high with headlines, choice of page 1 coverage and editorials all in line behind all Republican candidates and set since last year on unseating Harry Reid in the senate. With a stated margin of error of 5% that means a difference of 10% could still be within the error range (at the maximum). Saturdays paper was dominated with a photo of  John McCain and Sharon Angle with an over-sized American flag behind the, despite the real terrorist threat being the largest and primary story on the cover of most all major American newspapers the same day.

The cost for TV commercials alone will run a record three billion dollars this election cycle. The poser players are not working in Washington but in Hollywood and lobbying firms in Virginia. The creators say that in tough times there is no place for subtlety, and the truth is not an issue worth discussing. It's about image and perceived reality more than discourse and compromise, in a world where television, text messages and other forms of "advertising" dominates our political election environment.

The Brookings Institute says that throughout history an uncertain economy results in an uncertain political landscape, with extreme fringe movements, inexperienced victors who then fumble, drop the ball and lost in the next two to four election cycles. It started not long after the election of our first president and continued throughout the history of our country. A CBS poll finds that 80% of Americans disapprove of the job Congress is doing and think it it time for new blood. Already a record number of Republican incumbents have fallen in the primaries.

Those who know the subject, historians, social scientist and neutral political observers, say that such years lead to increased short term pain and often a recurrence of the problems that bring on the demand for change, but over time our system repairs itself and somehow we come out stronger.

Teapot dome, kickbacks to presidents Grant and others, Watergate, the assassinations of two presidents, multiple wars, the Great Depression (and before that major recessions before the term was coined), industrial indentured, slavery, multi-cultural-ism, wave after wave of immigration (often illegal), prohibition and small pox, measles and famine have all plagued the nation, yet we survive, somehow stronger than before.

But in the short term, if the election shifts we may see our place in the world continue to decline and the trade imbalance continue to shift toward prosperity in the eastern world of Asia while we lost jobs, income and influence.

Sunday Morning News and Views, Part III

No "Tree-house of Horrors" despite this being Halloween. What could be the final "Simpson's" annual Halloween haunt will air a week late, preempted on All Hallows Eve by game 4 of the World Series.
If you can't wait, click here for access to a series of Simpsons Tree House of Horrors segments.

Google today has an entire Scooby Doo mystery as their Halloween mastehead.

Just hit the arrow to join the full crew and surprise guests.

200 people in Iraq's Diyala Province named Saddam Hussein, who are seeking to legally change their names. Weekend Edition Sunday Morning on NPR spoke with a man who is ashamed to show his drivers licence or to vote in his own country. An estimated 12,000 Iraqi's share their name with the former dictator. When the Saddam Hussein was in power mothers were offered gifts and incentives to name their children after the dictator, and birthday's were remembered and celebrated in special ways.

An engineering student and her mother have been arrested in Yeman for their roles in mailing bombs to the US. Students at here University are threatening a strike, as they see her as an innocent pawn used by terrorists. The bombs concealed as two computer printers were professionally crafted and wired, and are known to be made by an identified bomb maker and terrorist master cell.

While they do not control the country, the Samali government will have an American "president". The speaker of Somalia's parliament says lawmakers have approved the nomination of the country's new prime minister. Lawmakers voted by a show of hands 297-92 in favor of Mohamed. Abdullahi Mohamed, a Somali-American. Mohamed was nominated on Oct. 14 by Somalia's president. The Somali government controls only a few blocks of the capital, Mogadishu. It has accomplished little since its inception in 2004. The Horn of Africa nation has not had a fully functioning government since 1991.Somalia's new prime minister has taught at Erie Community College in western New York.

Today is the anniversary of Houdini's death. He was a master of marketing, hype and self promotion, doing things far ahead of his time, not just with magic, but with corporate co-sponsorship, corporate employee and executive seminars and community free events to sell overpriced tickets to paid performances or "events". His free events included crowds of tens of thousands for the public events. In 1907, over a century ago, Houdini paid to have himself filmed handcuffed jumping off a bridge in Rochester, New York, emerging hands free. Even his persona was a marketing promotion. He was a European born Jew who sold the world that he was born in Appleton, Wisconsin and was an all-American athlete and big man on campus. His name came from a famous French musician. His assistant was his wife. He was the first pilot to fly in Australia. In the 1920's he produced and starred in silent films. He kept working for more and more sensational stunts. He had done the Chinese Water Chamber trick hundreds of times before he died on Halloween, doing the stunt, as the false but glamorous story goes after having a man punch him in the stomach. His actual death was later from a ruptured appendix, which may or may not have been the result of that stunt.  Houdini also relentlessly exposed the trickery of Spirit Conjurers and their Seances. He told the LA Times that it takes a Charlatan to catch a Charlatan. He did promise his wife, that it it were possible, he would return from the dead out of love for her. Every year on his birthday there are seances to conjure the ghost of Harry Houdini. So far the only success was done by the cheaters he fought so hard to debunk.

Among the actors who have played the role of Houdini, Henderson's Tony Curtis, who passed away earlier this year..

"If we amplify everything, we hear nothing." -Jon Stewart, 10-30-10

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and the Republican hoping to unseat him have spent their Saturday shaking hands, petting dogs and posing for pictures in Carson City as part of the Nevada Day Parade. While serving pancakes at the Governor's Mansion before the parade, Angle said she was "cautiously optimistic" she will beat Reid. Reid says he understands voter frustration, but adds he "didn't create the economic problems." He focused on how hard he worked to keep jobs in American while his opponent feels that helping her home state and bringing jobs to Nevada "is not part of the job."

Nevada Democrats appear to have nearly kept pace with a surge of Republican enthusiasm in early voting. Preliminary figures show Republicans turned out 37 percent of early voters in traditionally Democratic Clark County. Democrats turned out 46 percent of those casting early ballots.

Sunday Morning News and Views Part II

A record one in four adults will have worn costumes by the time the clock strikes midnight tonight. Something about the recession has driven adults to escape into the Halloween fantasy in record numbers.

This election will cost over four billion dollars in campaign advertising. Over 80% of that is from corporate and individual funds unshackled by the US Supreme Court Decision, giving far greater power to manipulate and influence than at any time since the "Robber Barron's" of the 1880's and 90's. Ten races have not set all time spending records, with the Angle-Reid battle in Nevada, despite our small population, coming in third. It's the first time a majority leader in an acidic election year has come from a state with near equal political party division.

"Obama-care" is the title that that the money has given to a policy that reflects more Republican input and interests than the president's. It is based on programs proposed by Republican presidents' Eisenhower, Nixon, Reagan and the elder Bush, as well as Republicans like former Senator Alan Simpson and US Senator John McCain, with more amendments in the bills that passed than proposals or ideas that came from President Obama or his advisers. Plus "Obama-care" is working for people, but not for the large insurance companies, small doctors offices or unions. Why unions? Because Republicans passed amendments that would not allow an exemption for the far lower financed union policies. Why doctors? Because it includes Republican amendment that bury small doctors in red tape and costs while exempting the large medical corporations. Again Republican Amendments that this campaign year are blamed on Democrats and the president.

Even the highly conservative Wall Street Journal Report had to admit that the economy is recovering and that jobs are actually up, although far too many are still unemployed and under-employed. Americans do not believe the economy has improved. Economist Diane Swonk and CNBC's Eamon Javers discussed the economic implications of a midterm Election Day political shakeup. The shift, if a "Democratic blood bath" occurs Tuesday, that policies that are working should be continued. So things could shift to the right and potentially stop or slow down recovery. Economist on the show say that "intelligent debate" on our priorities, on our commonalities and where we want to go in the next decade or more. We need to find center, "even if it is a hallow center." But the Tea Party is not in the mood to compromise and will say no. Business likes the Tea Party, but could suffer if the Federal Reserve is hand-cuffed, that government bailouts are a necessary evil and that foreign trade is good.

The Wall Street Journal Report did have an expert on who said that people have no idea of  the disaster that would have occurred if we had not bailed out the auto industry. Steve Rattner, Quadrangle Group Co-founder
Sports icon Tony Hawk was at the heart of the auto industry "bail out".  Most of the money has been repaid, and we will most likely make it all back within two years. President Obama did have business people around him, despite the painting him of "anti-business" by conservative media. Obama has the qualities of a CEO, and the intellect to deal with the issues we face today.

We went through major surgery to avoid a depression, says Rattner, who says that recovery will be slow as there is no other way it can be, and unemployment will take along time to reach the low levels of the 1990's.

The election could be more "scarier" than Halloween" no matter how the votes come down.

Sunday Morning News and Views part I

Halloween this Sunday, although with a three day weekend in Nevada, and falling in the middle of five days off for Clark County school children (teachers in-services Monday and Tuesday), its hard to think of this particular day as the "hallowed-eve"or All Saints Day.

2,500 years ago today the first Marathon was run, and today thousands of Greeks are reliving it. The Marathon was a race to announce Athens's victory against far superior Persian Forces at Marathon, therefore sealing the Greek instead of Asian roots for what became European culture, and eventually our own in the US.

Today is election day in the Ivory Coast, with a 14 candidate election for president, delayed six times due to the civil war there.

Tuesday is a presidential election...for the president of the Navajo Nation. This could be the first time a woman earns and holds that office, as the Linda Lovejoy leads in the polls. A voice in government, jobs and improved education are the key issues...sound failure?

The broader US Election is also  Tuesday is one for the history books, books that record how big money was infused after one decision of the supreme court undoing 110 years of election reform; how one party benefited from the money; how the truth was finally buried to slogans, emotions and the will of corporate America and how you can fool 90 % of the American people 90% of the time.

Truths such as a year that saw decreased taxes, the stabilizing of unemployment (but not in Nevada), a return to some growth in housing prices (including sales and construction), the return of all of the bank bailout money with a profit made for the United States, the return to profitability of American car makers, the return of all money loaned (with interests) by the largest American car maker (therefore saving "Detroit" and American jobs), a positive job impact from the stimulus (not the "failed stimulus"), the end of the official "recession" and what could easily have been another Great Depression and the withdrawal of US Combat troops from Iraq (only support troops and for profit contractors remain).

It takes the BBC and not an American media service to report these "facts" on the eve of a heavily bought and paid for election by corporate interests supporting Republican candidates and fueling the "Tea Party" with rhetoric and slogans.

The BBC also reported on an anger in the US, deep and irrational, but liable to shift our government to "conservative" (using their yardstick perception of politics as conservative, labor and liberal).

"The press can hold its magifying glass up to our problems, bringing them into focus, illuminating issues here to fore unseen, or they can use that magnifying glass on ants and then hold a week of specials on the sudden flaming ants epidemic." -Jon Stuart on the Mall 10-30-10

The discovery of the bombs intended to be on cargo planes and passenger jets as mail and "cargo" has homeland security clamoring for Congress to authorize and fund a massive expansion of the expansion system to checking shipping by air (cargo planes carry four times a much freight than the considerable amount that piggybacks on passenger planes), and the massive amount of cargo arriving by ship in cargo containers. Opponents say that "limited capacity" will strand 15,000 tons of cargo a day in the US and cause much to be driven or sent by rail to larger airports from small airports where security would be too expensive.

The US is also way behind Europe and other parts of the world in security on chemical plants, nuclear power plants, cargo storage areas and other areas where terrorist could access or store materials.

Can the US afford the high cost of security and freedom, particularly in this year where the tide is against increasing Federal debt or raising taxes?

What is more important to the American people, or have we even reasoned it through.

If another 9-11 happens, it may as much our fault for letting down our guard in the name of saving money, as those who attack us.

The Truth, not big bucks advertising hate rhetoric

The Obama administration cut taxes for middle-class Americans, expects to make a profit on the hundreds of billions of dollars spent to rescue Wall Street banks and has overseen an economy that has grown for the past four quarters.  

-Washington Post, Congressional Budget Office, Bloomberg News and other sources...

In an update to the stories indicated above economist Peter Diamond has some ideas on how to break that logjam: a second round of stimulus, and a lot of federal money to keep state and local governments from laying off workers. He insist that the stimulus is not "failed" but that it worked, and if anything was too small because at the time other factors were greatly underestimated, so things were actually far worse than the government action was calculated to fight. And Diamond's got the credentials: Earlier this month, he was one of three co-winners of the Nobel Prize for Economics. Read and hear more by clicking here.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Jon Stewart's Closing Remarks at the Rally to Restore Sanity And/Or Keep...

Rally to restore Sanity and/or Fear

Jon Stewart's "Rally to Restore Sanity" in Washington has sparked more than 1,160 mini-rallies in 84 countries, morphing into something of a global political happening.
The last time a political rally in America gained such international traction was during the 2003 protests against the Iraq war, says Timothy Patrick McCarthy, director of the Human Rights and Social Movements Program at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government.
Read the whole story: Christian Science Monitor

Cable television's talking heads were the primary targets of Saturday's Rally for Sanity which drew tens of thousands of people to Washington, D.C. From video montages of news programs' doomsday prophecies to introducing citizens who remained "rational" under pressure, hosts Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert repeatedly went after the media's extremist positions. 
Stewart said, "We live now in hard times, not end times." He continued, "The country's 24-hour [news cycle] did not cause our problems but its existence makes solving them that much harder. If we amplify everything, we hear nothing." 
The rally's themes of unity, comedy and tolerance were reinforced with a slew of musical guests like Yusuf Islam(formerly known as Cat Stevens), Kid Rock and John Legend.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Early Vote Ends Today!
Early voting ends today--make your voice heard NOW! Click here to find your early voting polling location, or call 1-888-525-VOTE (8683). Nevada needs Senator Reid, and he needs your vote.

Short films being accepted 

for Dam Short Film Fest in BC 

(12/1 deadline)

2011 Call for Entries open!

Click here:

Captain Kangaroo Actor and Stage Manager RIP

Mr. Baxter, the neighbor on Kangaroo, and one of the first African Americans on "regular" television, passed away this week at the age of 92.  In his life he was a sailor, bootlegger, USO producer and performer, stage managed the US Open for over 40 years, and gave stage cues to the likes of Walter Cronkite and Dan Rather as floor manager for network newscast. His deep voice has been heard in newsrooms and over the air as an announcer.

Read more:
Visit to become a Variety subscriber. 

Nevada Day Celebration at Lonnie Hammergrin's Cancelled (again)

Happy Hammergrin Halloween

Sharks, subs, Apollo text capsule, bikes, shrunken heads, musical instruments, a working planetarium, an authentic gondola, neon Las Vegas history, the desks from the old state legislature and a world of other surprises are to be had when touring this "back yard" overlooking Sandhill. The Liberace staircase, his traveling piano, the dome from the old Dunes, a roller coaster from the Stratosphere, a scale model of Leonardo daVinci's flying machine, the Nevada Brothel Bar, a plane owned by Howard Hughes and much much more...

Will there be an annual Halloween at Lt. Governor Lonnie Hammegrin's house?

Cancelled for the second year in a row for "political" and "practical" reasons, according to the Las Vegas Review Journal (click here).

Or to be more truthful: Hammergrin Nevada Day Celebration.

A vintage Nevada Day 2008 interview on KNPR with Dr. Hammergrin may be heard by clicking here.

I remember live elephants, tigers and pony rides for the children.

The RJ wrote "you are not an official Nevadan until you have taken a tour of the Hammergrin Paradise Palace."

While it is a Las Vegas tradition I have not received or seen any information for this year. For some quick looks at the three home spread that is Hammergrin's Nevada History Museum and general life long artifact collection, click here. Photo above form Eric West's collection on Facebook.

My wife and I were among the team who worked with Lonnie when his dark horse, underfunded, come from behind campaign earned him the Lt. Governor race in 1984. We won.  No one can claim the victory but Lonnie. What we did do was coordinate PR and Marketing, including advertising, and all media planning and placement. His campaign manager Bob McCaffrey (a scholar on Howard Hughes) worked closely with him, but it was Lonnie who ran and won that campaign. My wife Laura ran Lonnie's southern Las Vegas office as Lt Governor, under the direction of Hammergrin's first Chief of Staff Bob McCaffery.

The ride that year included riding in a balloon in Reno, riding a camel at the annual Virginia City Camel Races, and an historic dual steam engine ride across the state and to Southern California on the last ever such trip over the Union Pacific (pulling the luxury of the City of Los Angeles passenger cars).

I also recall SAG Council Member Karen LaVonne's "unwedding" on the outdoor stage that is part of "Lonnie World," SAG local awards honors and many other events at his "homes".

What a ride, what a trip.

Too bad there are those who do not want us to enjoy Lonnie's back yard.

Similarities and differences: understanding homology and analogy
by the Understanding Evolution team
In everyday life, people look like one another for different reasons. Two sisters, for example, might look alike because they both inherited brown eyes and black hair from their father. On the other hand, two people attending an Elvis impersonators' convention may look alike because they are both wearing rhinestone studded suits and long sideburns. The similarity between the sisters is inherited, but the similarity between the Elvis impersonators is not.
Elvis impersonators do not inherit their similarities
Biological similarity
It works the same way in biology. Some traits shared by two living things were inherited from their ancestor, and some similarities evolved in other ways. These are called homologies and analogies.
traits inherited by two different organisms from a common ancestor

similarity due to convergent evolution, not common ancestry

For more go to

Oh Canada...I will drink no wine before its time...

The RJ Reports that Dan Aykroyd will sign bottles of his Crystal Head Vodka from 4 to 6 p.m. this afternoon (Oct. 29) at Total Wine & More at 730 S. Rampart Blvd. ...

And for a list of "American celebrities" who are, like Aykroyd, actually Canadian click here.


Don't miss CSN's first-ever Fall Fun Fest

There'll be rides and trick-or-treating for the kids, arts and crafts, famous local authors and bands, a beer and wine garden and much more. Check out the Fall Fun Fest website at for dates and times of specific events.
College Drive (off of Oakey or Charleston)
Entrance fee: None
Parking Fee: $5.00 
Valet Fee: $10.00

Oh No Mr. Bill! Immigration law penned by Prison Company?

The American Legislative Exchange Council is responsible for much of the legislation introduced in state legislatures. It pushed and lobbied for Arizona's tough on integration laws and is doing the same in 11 states. Turns out that effort was suggested, crafted, and pushed for by professional private prison, jail and law enforcement corporations, one in particular. The largest prison company in the country, the Corrections Corporation of America, had a hand in drafting and pushing the immigration law, calculated to result in increased law enforcement and arrests across a wide spectrum. There is no money trail or disclosure by the involved legislators and corporations To read a portion of this story, or listen to the full audio story, go to NPR's Morning Edition by clicking here.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Friendship Needed

Martin Luther King, Jr.: In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.

"Book 'em, Danno" final fade: James McArthur RIP

Actor James McArthur, who created the character of Danno on "Hawaii 5-0" is dead at the age of 73. Star of Disney films including "Swiss Family Robinson"and "Kidnapped" and his film and television career far exceeds the iconic Danno.

IMDB reports "In a career spanning more
than four decades, James MacArthur has
developed a body of work which is wonderfully
dynamic in both scope and range. Portraying
everything from crazed killer to stalwart
defender of law and order, frustrated teenager
to cynical senior supervisor, he has appeared
in numerous films, television programs,
and stage productions since his career officially
began back in 1955. Although he had been
performing in parts during summer
stock productions since 1949, making
his stage debut in "The Corn Is Green,"
his real acting career did not begin until
he starred as the complex and
misunderstood teenager in
John Frankenheimer's Deal a Blow."

Focus on Young Performers


Screen Actor Summer CoverScreen Actor is a quarterly magazine and a benefit of SAG membership. It circulates to more than 125,000 readers throughout the United States and abroad.
About the Cover: The kids of summer, clockwise, Selena Gomez and Joey King in Ramona & Beezus (photo by Alan Markfield, 20th Century Fox); Finley Jacobson, Mandy Haines, Judy Greer, “Marmaduke” and Caroline Sunshine inMarmaduke (photo by Joe Lederer, 20th Century Fox);Despicable Me’s Miranda Cosgrove (photo by Colette de Barros, Nickelodeon); Jaden Smith in The Karate Kid(photo by Jasin Boland, Columbia Pictures); Charlie Tahan and Zac Efron in Charlie St. Cloud (photo by Diyah Pera, Universal Pictures); and Madeline Carroll and Callan McAuliffe in Flipped (photo by Ben Glass, Warner Bros. Pictures). Cover design by Yvette Youssefia.
Excerpts from this issue are available by clicking the link below. If you are a member, please log in and click on "Magazine Archive" to see the full version of current and past issues.