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Friday, September 30, 2011

Why We Should Learn to Debate

What the society may be missing are true debates. Not politicians following made-for-tv rules, but real debates.

The reason is not what you may think.

When you learn to debate you need to research both sides, and in some forms be ready to debate in favor of either side of an issue based on the results of a coin toss.

Having to research and present a view differing from your own opens the doors to realizing that there is an element of truth in every point of view, that no matter how strong you feel emotionally, you need to acknowledge and understand the other side in order to have a prayer of winning your case against it, or better yet, to finding a common ground for acceptable ad positive compromise.

Perhaps the members of Congress have forgotten how to really debate. Maybe the television influenced world of soundbites, short slogans and presenting half truths as truth to generate ratings, has taken over our government.

What are your views?

Are you willing to compromise?

Do you really listen to the other side, even when you "know" they are wrong?

Do you research below the surface, being fair and balanced in the process, to really understand the issues or beliefs you stick up for, live by or represent to others?


joey torres said...

it helps us with critical thinking
joey torres bc6003

Anonymous said...

Did you read the post before you typed?

Jessica Johnson said...

Debating is learning. Learning both sides. It teaches one that an argument does not have to be what it has been stigmatized as. In order to understand your point of view, it is important you know the other side if you dont want to look like a fool.
Jessica Johnson COM 101 4041

taboada4041 said...

i remember at my high school, senior year. we did posters with topics and if agreed on them or not and present them to the class and its funny cause she said but we are not going to debate cause we dont know how!
i wanted to learn though.

Anonymous said...

thank you for posting this. Nothing bothers me more than trying to have a normal discussion with someone who disagrees with you. It goes hand in hand with your "close minded" post. Certain people just dont want to hear what they don't want to hear and believe. It makes us stupid when we can't take in and analyze other people's opinions before we form our own.

-Camille Sunseri

Maura Goldberg COM101 6002 said...

Politicians don't debate any more - they are spoon fed questions w/ scripted answers (for the most part) - the national opinion rating system is too important for them to 'screw up' in the media. Real debating is necessary to uncover all aspects and viewpoints and information pertinent to the topics. I like to argue both sides, even if I don't agree with both sides.

Anonymous said...

Debate is a great exercise for the mind, by allowing a person to take in views that they may have never been willing to consider before.


Anonymous said...

Personally I have never debated because I never really got into it. I agree with what this blog is saying because I know from watching debates on T.V or in Highschool that they have to know there information on both sides. This is when critical thinking comes in because they have to think out side the box. Why? Because they have to set their emotions to the side and explain why their side is better then the other side with facts.
Andrea Scardino

Anonymous said...

I love debating different sides but unfortunetly I have a hard time picking the side i am mostly on. Hoeever, if I feel strongly about something and i know enough about the topic then I love debating. NOT FIGHTING

Anonymous said...

i am always interesting about debating different sides. It's fun!