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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

It's great to live in Boulder City!

Clean Green Boulder City....15,000 residents in a protected limited growth Small Town America setting, listed by Sunset Magazine as the number one "exburb" in the nation and a great place to raise a family. I mover here in 2004, which makes me a newcomer, however my wife and I were quick to find that people are more friendly here, and if you roll up your sleeves to become a local you are welcomed.
And as a board member I proudly recommend:

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We are a lot closer than you think, ten minutes from Henderson, a half hour from the Las Vegas Strip and downtown! We are in a different valley on a plateau overlooking Lake Mead and the Boulder "Hoover" Dam.


Reggie said...

BC is a great "old fashioned" place to live. Love the friendliness of the people and the way our community gets together for events and for each other as needed. Children are valued here and so are the elderly. I moved to BC from Vegas in 2001 and already feel like I have been here forever, having made many good friends and met sincere people.

yekaterina klebanova said...

Boulder City heard many good things but never checked it for my self. Always been afraid of small towns just because your business becomes everyone elses. But you bringing a different format of small towns. The people are much nicer in small comunities and they like to help each other out more. Plus it is better taken care of and everyone there are nice. You probably feel like you live in your own little world. You pay more but the atmosphere is worth so much more then the big city. Having people be valued and not looked as just a number already a good reason to move there.

Daniel said...

Boulder City was a great little place not too far away to help you get away from Las Vegas. The mountain biking trails and rally trails were fun as well. It's a really accepting environment and I did not feel like I had to be in the house all the time.

Edgar said...

I currently live in the general Las Vegas part of nevada.I've Only been to Boulder City once but it looks like a fantastic place to live. It has almost no crime and the people who live there are really friendly and nice.They Have a sky diving place there which I'm looking forward to experience it and hope not to get a heart attack.

Courtney Burk said...

I love driving up to Boulder City it is a nice little get away out of the Las Vegas. I love eating at the family owned restaurants and going in the little shops and boutiques. Boulder City had one of the greatest firework displays on the 4th of July that I had ever seen. It seemed as though the fireworks were going to land on you. I would love to go back for the 4th again. I did not know that there was a zip line in BC. I recently went to Mexico and went zip lining over a forest. It was such a rush and there was so much wildlife to see. I would love to try it in Boulder City sometime.

Anonymous said...

I have never been to Boulder City but through the description and all those pictures, I feel like it's a great place to live. I like the format of a small town with friendly people. Maybe I will go there to enjoy the atmosphere and the "Dam short film festival" someday.
Van Nguyen, Com 101, section 116.

Madison BC 550 said...

I live in henderson and i love coming to boulder city. it is the epitome of a quaint town and it reminds me small towns back east almost. the idea that everyone knows everyone and feels safe.

Anonymous said...

I live in Las Vegas. I have driven through Boulder City on many occasions to visit the Dam and to travel into Arizona. I participated in 3 of the races they offered at the Veterans Memorial park during my cross country years in High School. On these trips I observed that the town appeared to be clean and the people seemed helpful but other than that I don’t know anything about Boulder City.

-Julie Fabre

Marua Goldberg COM101-6002 said...

I love Boulder City - it's so quaint and intimate & worlds away from LV! The grass & cute houses & town square, etc. It's too far for me with my work or I'd move there in a minute. The old time photos are great!

Britny Nieznanski said...

I remember when the theatre in Boulder was an actual movie theater. I remember seeing "hercules" in it. Then I remember when the Arnaz's bought it out and I danced in it. Boulder City could definitely use another movie theater, better than Haciendas. I also remember when the Coffee Cup was a 50's diner. So much has changed!

Yanela Diaz said...

You just made me want to move to Boulder City!

Anonymous said...

I love Boulder City. My family and I go there about every year for their Art in the Park event. Also, it has some cute shops and humble places to eat. My favorite places are the doll store because its both a little creepy and pretty, the various antique stores because they're just full of new things to look at, and this one Native American- like themed store by the park that I love because they have all kinds of stones and incense and things of that nature, which is something I'm really into. Anyway, Boulder City is an awesome place to visit. However, I personally dont think I could ever live there, but only because I'm too much of a city girl.

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Sarah Lindekugel com 4049 said...

I love BC. They have a great atomosphere. Lots of fun outdoors stuff to do and family stuff.