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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Is Racism impacting Obama presidency?

The posters, slogans and mostly white Tea party bring up an obvious question
 that few people are comfortable talking about. Is the president's race effecting
 how he is perceived as president?
It is not long ago when African Americans were perceived and presented as
less than full citizens, lower educated, poor, and lower in aptitude. In the
Constitution, as written, dark skinned Americans were counted as 3/5 ths
a human being, Native Americans and Chinese were not even looked
upon as counting as humans and therefore citizens. Racism and hatred
were deeply entrenched in our nation. Is the residual of centuries of
 prejudice impacting how we look upon the president?
While we would all like
to be color blind, the reality
is that President Obama is
the first African American
(or African and American
in his case)to hold
the nation's highest office.
It is an achievement for a portion
of our population as large as
or perhaps larger than
another young president,
John F. Kennedy overcoming
strong prejudice against both
 Catholics and the Irish
nearly a half century earlier.

The issue being discussed
in the media, social meetings,
across kitchen tables in
living rooms across the nation
more than most of us
would like to admit.

Last fall after the Fox News sponsored rally on the White House Lawn,
I wrote "This past weekends mostly caucasian faces at the
FOX encourged "tea party" rally in Washington DC
has raised the issue of how much of an issue any racial divide in our
country may be for the still new president (not yet 8 months in office)
and how his programs are being received."

This link is to a story on NPR last fall;

Another aspect of the race issue lie in the open hatred in posters,
slogans and e-mail exhanges about the new president equating him
with Hitler, Stalin, referring to President Obama by his race and
the rise of the "tree of liberty" slogan and movement.

The assuming that an African-American president would be
more likely to support extend government supported services
to "illegal immigrants" is also obvious in the rhetoric
(including visual rhetoric) of those protesting.

How has this impacted votes in the actual Congress,
the nature of the Town Hall Meetings, the bias in reporting
of both and the overall perception of Obama as president?

Or, do you feel that this is a dated fear and no longer
an issue in the United States?

Could it vary by geography? By age? By income level?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

It shouldn't even matter what color or religion the president is. The ONLY thing that should matter is that he's doing the job he's supposed to do! And doing it right!