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Friday, November 2, 2012

Find the Magic of Childhood

“One of my favorite professors in college taught directing. An actor himself, he remarked one day that he hoped he'd never grow up, because our childlike instincts are what keep the joy and wonder in our work. That sense of play and make-believe is natural to all of us and we'd better not lose it.” 
—Mike Pniewski


Anonymous said...

I think that being a mom and being around little children helps me to stay young happy and enjoy life. when life gets you down go hang out with a toddler you will smile!
Gwen Dennett com 101 sec 4522

Anonymous said...

I completely agree, but I feel like people believe they have to lose this sense of childlike wonder in order to hold a respected job or a place in society. While bouncing up and down clapping your hands or throwing a temper tantrum is not respected, children have a natural inquisitive side and they do have a sense of wonder that can, in a profession, display passion in one's work.
-Nicole H.

Lisa Mendez said...

I strongly agree. I wish adults were like children and could learn through having fun. With adults it seems like hard work and with children they learn best through play.

Anonymous said...

I think that we should all act and think like Children majority of the times. But we need to know when its time to act our age as well.

Anthony Chu

Anonymous said...

I agree with this. Being an adult sucks. Going through the system of public schooling, strict parenting, and society kind of washed away my child like tendencies and forced me to keep quiet and just take everything as it is. I'm getting out of that tendency and trying to revert back to my childhood curiosity about the world and all as I learn to live on my own, but it is a shame I was washed out of the wonders and joys of childhood in the first place. I would hate to see what I would be like if I moved out of my home past age eighteen.

-Danielle Nunez COM 101

Anonymous said...

Of course we all miss being a child with no worries and everything is so new and amazing. You can see a child laugh so hard over nothing. Yet it goes both ways. As you grow up i think it is good to have some child like attributes such as not being so serious all the time learn how to relax and have fun, but keep a balance.

Jason Cox COM101

Danny Mack said...

People need to know how to have fun, even as adults. Your life should not be all work and no play, but leveled out.

Austin Rains said...

many of use loose out sense of play and imagination because as we grow up we dont get alot of time to work with it due to the fact that we all try to provide for ourselves and family