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Thursday, February 23, 2012

The First World's players report for Spring Training!

From the collection of the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum

In 1903, the Boston Americans of the newly formed American League and the Pittsburgh Pirates of the National League played the first World Series. The Boston Americans won the series 5 games to 3, giving legitimacy to the new American League. Boston's players included Cy Young.

The crowd overflowed onto the outfield and scaled walls just to see the game.

The success of the first world series put Baseball on the front page of newspapers for the first time and moved it from a past-time favored nationally to America's sport.

NPR Host Bob Edwards talks with Historian Louis P. Masur about his new book, Autumn Glory: Baseball's First World Series.


Karen Johnson Com 101-4080 said...

I appreciate looking at history in America. The birth of the world series in 1903 and the pictures speak volumes regarding how the sport has evolved as well as the people who go to watch the game.

Anonymous said...

its interesting how history has changed so much, as you can see there are all the people attending the game all dressed up in suits and fancy like clothes. Now people just dress up how ever they want.

Julian Henriquez

Art Lynch said...

There was a dress code to attend major league was the only sport to do so (besides Boxing). Interesting is that Major League Baseball will impost a far less formal dress code for fans in staff starting 2014.

Anonymous said...

Wonder what that'll do to attendance, or what their thoughts are behind enforcing a dress code.

While I'm not for being able to just dress however you want to attend, will America feel like it's not our Past Time anymore because they're forcing a dress code?

Love the pictures and being able to compare them to now and how it's changed.

Ryan Clift
Com 101-4049

Anonymous said...

Love the older pictures. Are some of these pictures Fenway Park in Boston? Could it possibly be that the wall they are climbing over is now what is known as the Green Monster? I actually like the fact that back then people actually dressed up, shows that they have alot more respect for themselves.

Angela Mains
COM 101 HN 4080

Cameron rand said...

It is really interesting to see how over time things change in sports. Now a days you would never see people being aloud to stand on the field or hop over walls, or see a band by the field.

Anonymous said...

Although I am a Yankee's fan I love sports history and find the article and especially the pictures pretty cool.

Jesse Steele
Com 101-4080