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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Cove

"Using state-of-the-art equipment, a group of activists, led by renowned dolphin trainer Ric O'Barry, infiltrate a cove near Taijii, Japan to expose both a shocking instance of animal abuse and a serious threat to human health." -IMDB

Part drama, part adventure, part conspiracy and all of it real.

"The Cove" won the 2010 Academy Award for Best Documentary. The award sounds dry, which he film is anything but. It is well crafted and involves the assemblage and use of an almost "Oceans 11" undercover team, including elements from George Lucas's Industrial Light and Magic, biologist, advanced military photography, a former Navy Seal, researchers, smugglers and the reality of a movie crew. There are elements of "Ghost Busters" and the "Truth Squad", "All the President's Men" and and undercover reporting from Taliban occupied Afghanistan.

From television's Flipper to the growth of Sea World to the systematic herding and slaughter of dolphins for show animals that entertain to substitues for coveted whale meat sold in Japanese supermarkets and bars around the word. Yet dolphin meat contain toxic levels of mercury and other poisins.

It is worth the hour and twenty minutes it takes to watch the film. You do not need to be a "tree hugger' or "environmentalist'. It is good journalism, movie making and in its own way. entertainment.

First published 5/3/10

1 comment:

Eric Raba said...

I watched this and it is truly disturbing. The filmmakers displayed incredible bravery in making this film. A must watch.