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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

9-11-01 Pentagon

As I re-post this the ceremony marking the tenth anniversary of Flight 77 hitting the Pentagon is about to begin at the Pentagon. I am working my board shift at KNPR 88.9 FM and Nevada Public Radio statewide.

First posted 5-25-2010

As we head into Memorial Day Weekend remember all of those who lost their lives in the service of our country. On Monday of this week I was given a tour of the Pentagon by my life long friend Lt. Col. Robert F. Cain III, who is stationed at the Pentagon. The memorial above, along with the names of those lost on 9-11 at the Pentagon, a Chapel and a sculpture of benches mark the site where Americans lost their lives on the plane and while doing their jobs for the greater defense of the nation.

May we never forget.


Janael Macaraeg said...

I can't believe it has been nine years already, but I think it is interesting that whenever there are pictures of the Pentagon, there is no evidence of an airplane in the rubble. So what is the truth? Bomb or plane?

yekaterina klebanova said...

This hits close to home remembering what happened that day and how it all started. It has happened a little while ago, but you never forget something so brutal and horrible that effected so many people. This sight needs to be seen by many old and young so they will remember what are soldiers sacrafised theire lifes for

Art Lynch said...
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Art Lynch said...

For those who think it was something other than a plane hitting the Pentagon with an officer I know who works there and reports to the Secretary of the Army.

It was a plane.

People who have names and families died on that plane.

I toured the site. There is video (not public) of the plane flying in and hitting the building. There are eye witnesses (again not public as they fall under national security).

The path of the damage inside could only have been done by a plane. People died at their desks still in their seats without any external physical injury, the air sucked instantly from their lungs by jet fuel burning. The structural and other damage all suports a plane with a full tank of fuel.

I have had students who are firefighters who confirm that the type of deaths and the nature of the fire could not have been anything other than an impact from a fully fueled large jet aircraft.

Having toured the building i can tell you that it is old and overcrowded. Many Americans and even foreign nationals died serving our country as both military and civilian contractors that morning.

The bottom photo is from the entrance to the chapel at the site of impact. Just a thought, but I think all this is classified or reasons that are scary and could cause panic.

How did the terrorist know the exact points to hit the World Trade Center and the Pentagon to cause the most damage (the plane hit right at a vulnerable site in the wall and straight down a hall deep into the structure.

The real enemy is not the Islamist Extremist recruited and fighting our solider, but the genus and planning behind the attack and its root causes.

Always remember it was an attack.

Honor the dead and honor our nation.

No matter how you feel about Bush's actions afterward, honor the members of the military who have given time, talents and for some, their lives striking back in the name of all of us against the terrorist who took all those lives and changed the face of two cities

Lindsey Chapter said...

My aunt put in her 20 years in the navy, and now works in DC as a cvilian contractor for the DOD. She was working in a building about half a mile away from the Pentagon on 9-11. She happened to step outside for a cigarette just in time to see a plane flying way too low overhead. A few seconds later, she heard the crash. I'm sorry to disappoint the conspiracy theorists, but there is no doubt it was a plane targeting our military nerve center.

kendra moore said...

Definetly a day to remeber..although a lot of people are aware of 9/11 and its tragic event i dont think that enough people have seen the damage that it has caused and how many lives were taken more people should visit the Pentagon!!

Madison BC 550 said...

Unfortunately there will always be people that think there was something else to the attacks. It is really sad to think that way but there are always people that do. I remember where I was that morning and I will never forget that feeling of sadness and disgust and fearfulness for all Americans.

Dulcenea Leae said...

Till this day my mind is still asking, "Why?" So many innocent lives taken from 9/11/01 and the numbers just kept increasing. A lot of emotions ran through me when it all happened, till this day I never forget to say a prayer for those who've lost their lives that very day.

Dulcenea Leae
HN 4041

Trevino01 said...

I get sad every time I think about this day. As sad and devastating as this was, I think it has made us closer as a nation. We are a strong country and we will only continue to get stronger. 9/11 was a horribly sad day, but we will always stick together and nobody can take that away from us.