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Monday, May 3, 2010

100 year old master of sound, drama and theater

Today, most people don't recognize the name Norman Corwin — but in the 1940s, he was much admired and nearly as well known as President Franklin Roosevelt. On Monday, he turned 100 years old.

Back in the days when Americans gathered around their radio sets every night, Corwin — a young newspaperman from Boston — showed up at CBS and pushed the boundaries of what radio could do. And before long, he had a list of well-known admirers.

As a story teller, writer, producer, director and actor, reporter and wire service correspondent he excelled in all he did and managed to capture the fabric of many of America's major events and experiences.

The above is part of a thirteen minute story worth listening to if you are a student of history, broadcasting, theater, film or televion, aired on NPR All Things Considered. If you are a reader, a print verison of the story (not quite the same impact) can also be found on the same link.

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