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Friday, April 16, 2010

CSN to limit enrollment, shut the doors on applicants

CSN budget cuts to limit expansion at time of higher enrollment

"Students looking to attend the College of Southern Nevada next semester should sign up for classes as early as possible. The school is going to run out of room. Fast." is the lead in the Las Vegas Review Journal coverage of CSN president Michael Richards address to a town hall of students and faculty. He later repeated many of the same grim warnings before the Board of Regents.
CSN budget cuts were not a deep as at several other schools in the University system, however the cuts will hurt. Nearly 7% will be cut from a budget already slashed several times over the past three years, despite growth in student population and the increased economic transition, remedial and undergraduate course demand placed on the school by other institutions. Enrollment at CSN grows each year, up 6.7% over the last year alone. Such growth cannot be maintained, in effect limiting access to higher education in Southern Nevada.

You can do the math...enrollment up about the same amount as budget cuts...or an impact of almost 14% on services and enrollment.

The president announced the 6.9% cut, which the Las Vegas Sun reports will force a "force a de facto enrollment cap and jeopardize the institution's "open access" mission."

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