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Friday, April 30, 2010

New iPhone to be unveiled June 7

Apple Inc will host its annual developers conference starting June 7, where the company is expected to unveil the latest version of the iPhone. The Consumer Electronics Association reports that the details on the new phone remain secret, however it is expected to run only on AT%T for technical reasons. There may be a camera in the front for video conferencing, improved GPS, very limited "Pages" word processing, "Numbers" spread sheets and Keynote (Apple's version of PowerPoint). Time magazine reports that Apple is also expected to announce that the current G3, not the new phone, will be made available to run on any carrier, although some carriers say it may be limited to Verizon.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Wear this shirt

In response to the heinous bill signed into law by AZ Gov. Jan Brewer, we decided to send the Arizona government a message: RACIAL PROFILING IS WRONG AND RACIST!
Your donation of $15 get you this limited edition Cuéntame T-shirt and will also ALLOW Cuéntame to produce a SERIES OF VIDEOS AND ACTIONS exposing the AZ government in their attempt to institutionalize a Latino persecution.   

If you have any questions please contact Mikaela.

Of if you prefer, stencil the mssage on a T Shirt....
Get the message out!

They are watching you

The information/communication age has a dark side

 To err is human, to forgive divine.

That very Christian sentiment is all but lost in today's society, where a Google search, a Lexis-Nexis or any number of other computer searches will turn up information and in many cases “dirt” on your next door neighbor going back to their birth.

It’s no longer a question of the value of the information, or even the date.

We are use to and even seek out news about politicians, attacked with quotes or actions or political stands from months, years and even decades before. Any wrong step or old viewpoint can and will surface in damaging ways.

How many of us realize that when we apply for a job, a loan, a home or membership in a new organization, our background is data mined, and any information that they find can and legally must be taken into account in decisions about our future, our life.  They can be sued if they ignore information they have asked for, and therefore seen.

KNPR’s Talk of the Nation interviewed the author of “Delete”, a book about our data histories and information trail. In the course of the interview a woman called in who was denied employment because many years before she had posed for inappropriate photographs. A man found out his employer had a history of fraud and scams, so he quit his job.

What information should be kept and shared?

How can we keep or lives from being brutally public?

Add to this the reality that most home computing will in the near future be done on super fast machines in far away parts of the globe with only an interface at home or a portable device, similar to an iPhone or laptop, and access to private information may become every day and easy for most everyone.

Today the most advanced access involves expensive paid subscriptions to services such as Nexis-Lexis or other highly intrusive search software and corporate services. But in the future access may be easy and perhaps free for everyone from any computer or interface device.

(First published 4/29/2010)

Live from New York at the Your local Cineplex, or on your laptop

Why would people go to the movie theater to watch liver theater telecast in HD?

They are doing it, and on computers and on DVD. Each year more people "go to the theatre" via video or film than in person.

There are several reasons.

The high cost of mounting professional theater productions is one, with ticket prices escalating and venues closing.

Another is that we live in a celebrity society, where audiences are willing to pour out money to see stars or top performers but not willing to pay even far less just to see the same production with other professional actors.

Still another is that education has cut back on arts spending and children are no longer taken to the live theater by their parents or by their school. They do not experience it and therefore do not miss live theater, much preferring their iPod, X-Box and televisions.

KCRW's Theater Talk this afternoon featured a look at current and future video theater experiences, and how they may just build a new audience for live theater and bring back the boom years. The program is posted on line on a delayed basis, so it should show up within one week of today at

Right Wing forces Golden Boy Crist out of Republican Party

Florida Governor, and up until today 2012 Republican Darling in the GOP race for the presidency, Charlie Crist, has left he Republican party and says he will run for the US Senate as an independant.

"I haven't supported an idea because it's a Republican idea or a Democratic idea. I support ideas because I think they're good ideas for the people,"

Under attack from the Tea Party (if it is a party at all) and the far right in his own party, for among other thngs a photo of him literally embracing President Obama, the moderate to conservative Republican was behind in the primaries in his own party due to the right wing swing within the Republican Party.

While he has a shot as an Independent, the Republican policy of turning a cold shoulder on any candidate who supports anyone but a Republican or the Republican platform, will mean little or no support from his former party, and he is considered too conservative for most Democrats to support.

Crist supports President Obama's bail out plan as needed for his tightly strapped and depressed state. A s a "hands across the isle, but stick to what you believe is right for the people" Republican he was facing the same well financed attack from the right as former Republican candidate for the presidency, John McCain, faces in Arizona, and other "moderate" Republicans face in states including Utah, Kentucky and New Hampshire.

Bring it on!

The views and opinions...

This blog is public and open to all input, students and public, from anywhere in the world. Past students, current students, students of life, and those who simply surf blogs, are encouraged to participate.

It has come to my attention that some of my students may be holding back or even intimidated by this blog, launched due to large section student head counts and a need to connect sections outside of Angel, because they fear that their opinions may impact their grades, or that I am liable to get angry.

Neither is true.

The idea in a communication, public affairs, current affairs, theater or acting course is to be open in your communication, observations and to stay on top of current news, events and updates (defined as "currency" in one course and "recency" in another).

As stated in class, your views and opinions are as valid as anyone else, including me. The differences is the culture, background, life experience, demographics and psychographics of perspective.

Listing skills include in thought, as well as with your ears or other senses. Be open to other views, respond to them, explore and make suggestions.

Guest commentaries, communication lessons and freed-back are welcome from anyone who happens upon or reads this blog.

I am looking forward to your responses to this or any other posting, your own suggested posts and your participation here, on Angel and in the courseroom.

-Art Lynch

Reid slipping against all three Republican hopefuls

The Las Vegas Sun reports that Harry Reid is in serious trouble in his bid for reelection. Two new polls show Reid in trouble, though the numbers are vastly different, which is not surprising so far from the election when accurate reads on voter opinion can be more difficult.

Rasmussen, a polling outfit that Democrats often accuse of leaning to the right, has Republican frontrunner Sue Lowden beating Reid 52-39; lawyer Danny Tarkanian up over Reid 51-41; and, former Assemblywoman Sharron Angle up 48-40; 53 percent say they favor repeal of the health care bill, a sentiment Reid's campaign is clearly trying to combat.

In a Research 2000 poll commissioned by the liberal blog DailyKos, Reid is in better shape, trailing Lowden, Tarkanian and Angle by 4, 2 and 3, respectively. In the GOP primary, Lowden leads Tarkanian by 10.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Jobs open at KNPR (sales and data base)

There are two development jobs available at Nevada Public Radio (basicallly sales or data base work), one with an on-line expertise (data base included), the second with fundraising or sales expertise. Job descriptions at or contact


Cynthia M. Dobek
Director of Business, Finance & HRM
Nevada Public Radio
1289 S. Torrey Pines Drive
Las Vegas, NV 89146
702-258-9895 ext. 134

Majave Cross can remain a reminder of War dead

This undated photo taken by Henry and Wanda Sandoz and made available Wednesday, Oct. 7, 2009, by the Liberty Legal Institute shows the memorial known as the "Mojave Cross", on an outcrop known as Sunrise Rock in the Mojave National Preserve, in Calif. The Supreme Court has said a federal court went too far in ordering the removal of a congressionally endorsed war memorial cross from its longtime home in California.

The Washington Post reports that the US Supreme Court overturned a lower court and ruled that the Mojave cross can remain on federal land (click here for complete story):

The Supreme Court on Wednesday said a lower federal court was wrong to order the removal of a lone cross on government land in the middle of the Mojave Desert, and said separation of church and state "does not require eradication of all religious symbols in the public realm." 

The case, which involved a white cross erected by veterans more than 75 years ago to honor the dead of World War I, splintered the court.

It did not provide a clear rule for the future -- or even explicitly say that the cross could remain in place. "To date, the court's jurisprudence in this area has refrained from making sweeping pronouncements, and this case is ill suited for announcing categorical rules," said Justice Anthony M. Kennedy. 

But he wrote that the cross "is not merely a reaffirmation of Christian beliefs." 

He added: "Here, one Latin cross in the desert evokes far more than religion. It evokes thousands of small crosses in foreign fields marking the graves of Americans who fell in battles, battles whose tragedies are compounded if the fallen are forgotten." 

Kennedy wrote that Congress had probably corrected any problem with the cross being on public land by agreeing to swap a small portion of the rock outcropping on which it stands to a veterans group, which has said it will maintain the site as a memorial.

Prayer to kill the president?

Join former SAG National President Melissa Gilbert in calling for an end of hate in the name of religion. Sign the petition to ban a Facebook Group "praying for President Obama's" death. What has this nation and so-called Christians come to? Praying for someone to die?

Monday, April 26, 2010


“The creative person is both more primitive and more cultivated, more destructive, a lot madder and a lot saner, than the average person.”

~ Frank Barron


Press Release:

In a continued effort to show support for the men and women who defend our freedom, GameWorks Las Vegas is now hosting a Military Appreciation Night on the last Friday of every month. GameWorks will kick off “Military Night” on Friday, April 30th between the hours of 7-10pm by offering a free 3-hour game card to anyone who shows their active or retired military identification. “We are honored and very appreciative of the support GameWorks is showing to our men and women in the armed services” says Cate Berry, Director of Marketing for Nellis Air Force Base. “We encourage everyone to take advantage of this great offer”.

GameWorks is a full-service restaurant, bar and arcade, featuring the most advanced video game technology provided by parent company, Sega Entertainment. The variety of game genres include combat, racing, music and dance, simulators, billiards and more. GameWorks Director of Sales, Mark Wiley, says “Nothing builds camaraderie better than a couple hours of showing off your shooting or driving skills. I’m sure the competition level will be high on Friday night.” With the lowest happy-hour prices on The Strip and deeply discounted party packages, GameWorks Las Vegas is considered fun and affordable entertainment that appeals to just about everyone.

Free game cards will be available for all active and retired military and a guest from 7pm – 10pm on Friday, April 30th. GameWorks Las Vegas is located at 3785 Las Vegas Blvd South in the Showcase Mall. Parking is available at the Showcase Mall or at surrounding hotels. Fore more information about Military Night, contact the GameWorks sales office at 702.895.7626 ext. 203.

For media information and photos, please contact:
Mark Wiley
702.895.7626, ext. 203
Nellis Air Force Base Contact:
Cate Berry

The future as Seen from the past

A portable personal phone that involved wearing an umbrella like object on your head was predicted in the Washington Post in 1910, titled "your own wireless telephone." The article did predict that the housewife of the future would call the husband and ask they to "stop at the butcher shop." This is just one vision of the future reflected in a story on All Things Considered.

In 1978, when Newspapers were riding high, "The Futurist" magazine predicted a device like an iPad or Kindle. GPS involved big boxes and a global positioning service in cartoons from the Chicago Tribune. Flat screen televisions were shown in the late 1970's and early 80's with wall screens in movies including "Total Recall". Even the old black and white movie theater "Flash Gordon" serials had Ming the Merciless watching his minions on cameras and talking to them on two way televisions.

Those old enough remember "Tomorrowland" as it existed at Disneyland in the 1960's and 1970's and the City of the Future at the New York World's Fair. Wonderful, some prophitic and much pathetic, but all interesting

Automobiles that drive themselves by talking with the road.

Meetings by video phones were predicted in the 1920's.

Matt Novak blogs about retro-tech on paleo-future.

The Man Who Built the Hoover Dam

Art Lynch as Frank Crowe, the engineer who built the dam [HQ]

One man show performed the fall of 2009 as part of the Boulder City 31ers celebration. This is a small part of a show that varied in length and was performed for 31ers, civic groups, schools and general audiences. Researched and written by my wife Laura and myself.

Why does it take so long to finish college?

From The New York Times: Freakanomics:

American college students, particularly male students, have been slower and slower to finish college over the past 30 years.  A new working paper by John BoundMichael F. Lovenheim, and Sarah Turner suggests the trend is due to rising costs of education.  Demographics and academic preparedness don’t explain the trend, but the authors found evidence in support of the increasing cost hypothesis: both increasing student-faculty ratios and cohort size are linked to increasing time-to-degree, particularly in “non-top 50 public sector” schools.  The authors also found that students are working more hours in response to rising costs.  Low-income students and students at less-selective institutions are particularly vulnerable to the trend.

Brought to you by unions: The Weekends

How unions, church, synagogs and and anti-union industrialist brought us weekends.

At this time of high stakes for all workers,  ten percent unemployment nationally, top heavy home mortgages and sharp political divides in Congress, it may be good to step back and think about the bigger picture of who we are as we do out jobs and go to work.

Consider the role performed by the American Labor Movement.

As you enjoy your weekend, most Americans will not even give a thought to what Labor Day represents or the weekend that precedes it.

And remember those who died in Haymarket Square

Plus actions you can take today....

Back to the Classics

The pendulum is shifting back, as classical radio makes a come back, this time from its old friend, Public Radio. The New York Times reports on that trend:

Classical Music’s Comeback, on Public Radio

Just 19 commercial classical stations remain on the air nationwide, by one count, down from about 50 in the early 1990s. But as ad-supported programmers also decide that the classical format is no longer practical, the music has started to find a new savior. And, to the surprise of many, it is public broadcasting.
In New York, WNYC did not win fans in the classical world when, in April 2002, it dropped music from its day hours on the FM station, substituting public affairs talk shows.
So there was some trepidation among classical radio listeners when WNYC bought the commercial classical station WQXR from The New York Times Company last year.

Free B Movie TONIGHT from a Cult Film Classic Director

April 26 Ted Mikels Grindhouse Reunion

Ted Mikels' Grindhouse Reunion: Double Feature World Premiere Free Admission!

On April 26, veteran Hollywood filmmaker Ted V. Mikels will unleash his latest gang of demented mutants on a new generation of grindhouse movie fans in Las Vegas, Nevada. "Where better to have a world premiere for ASTRO ZOMBIES M3:Cloned than in one of the most glamorous locations in the world?" asked Mikels. "The mutant clones are going totally first class this time! Plus, admission will be free to the public." The iconic horror movie-maker is best known for his 1971 film, The Corpse-Grinders. He also filmed the first zombie movie ever shot in color – the original ASTRO ZOMBIES in 1969, starring John Carradine and Wendell Corey. Mikels is also well-known for creating unusual promotional activity surrounding the release of his films, and this event will prove to be no exception. TVM Global Entertainment has announced that the premiere is being billed as the Ted V. Mikels' Grindhouse Reunion.

Mikels will treat his grindhouse fans to two pre-release director's cuts, offering them a double feature on premiere night. The world premiere of Astro Zombies M3: Cloned will open the show, followed by Mikels' 2009 film Demon Haunt.

The high cost of abolishing "Obama-care"

"Overturn Obama Care" is troubling as a slogan to small insurance companies, who have already spent billions (cumulatively) preparing for health care reforms, and will need to spend even more if they need to change into reverse. They also see the advantages for smaller insurers of the new law as it levels the playing field, adds a new pool or relatively healthy citizens to the pool, and provides protections for insurance companies if the new laws provide too much of a short term hardship.

Larger companies can afford to shift gears and see the short term advantage of raising rates and bringing in huge profits in the time between the bills passage and dates when various provisions of the bill take effect. The are in a win-win situation, profiting and operating no matter which way the wind blows.

Those with pre-existing conditions (including simply being a woman or of a certain age) fear that they will lose the hard fought "must carry" and "no limit on life time coverage",

Many doctors groups, including the AMA, favor the new health care plans, but individual doctors and for-profit corporations oppose it, as it will limit what they can charge and require coverage of those who in the past they could deny services to or pass on to government run or subsidized hospitals.

Small hospitals benefit from "Obamacare" while large hospital corporations see losses in revenue.

Obama care is not national health care of the government taking over health care but regulation and legal guidelines imposed to ensure health care to the overall pool or Americans rather than just those who can afford it. That said, there is red tape and may be even more added where some feel there should be none.

Can the marketplace ensure everyone evenly and fairly?

Should the wealth or employed have a right to far better health care and therefore a better survival rate/

Should the poor or unemployed put a higher priority on health care and if so how would you have them pay for it given the need for food, shelter and basic living standards?

So...should it be overturned, as was the banner for so may who voted in this month's election?

-Sources: PRI's Marketplace, National Public Radio's Morning Edition, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, the Nation. Atlantic.

Published 11-9-2010

Tweet anyone lately?

"I find myself happy the public library system already exist. Imagine how hard it would be to get that one past congress."

"Man on the moon, troops in Afghanistan, instant messaging, why no universal health?"

"If socialism is wrong, then don't drive on roads, use public bathrooms or accept social security."

"The attack on Acorn strike me as funny, two offices out of 70, 4 people out of thousands and wham!"

"One man's opinion is another man's spam."

"Keep and open mind in an uncertain world"

"Do not equate negotiation and compromise with weakness"

"One thing about being a baby boomer is you are never alone, got a problem, a million others have it."

"If the answer is tax cuts, then why have taxes?"

A few tweets from NPR listeners.

The first three has me relate back to how hit teams are creating news, news given greater attentions and value then they other words people want negative, hate and things that get them fired up in confirmation of what they already believe: Story Behind the Story

Of course the entire issue of Tweeting as a communication media comes into real focus for this course and for COM 102, the Interpersonal Communication course.

Voice tweeting:

Twitter in English (You Tube video)

Do you tweet?

What would you tweet about today?

What are your feelings on the issues they tweeted on?

Do you use Twitter? If you do, why? If you do not, why not?

Is Twitter a legitmate new communication media that can work for business?

Is Twitter a media that will stand the test of time?

Will Twitter replace voice mail, e-mail, IM or text messaging?

Should Twitter be added to Communication coursework? If now why? If so, why?

So, what do you think?

(first posted 9-21-2009)

Take Charge

“Take charge of your life by defining your place in the world instead of letting the world define you. Know very clearly who you are and believe in yourself.” 

—Mike Pniewski

Avatar #1 DVD

"Avatar" is already the number on DVD release of the year,  four days after its Earth Day release, and without any special extra material or 3D. That's according to the Hollywood Reporter, which reports:

Consumers snapped up 6.7 million copies of the first "Avatar" DVDs 
and Blu-ray Discs, which are 2D versions of the action fantasy 
offering no bonus features. "Avatar" sales quickly have 
outpaced the 6.5 million units sold of Summit/Universal's 
"The Twilight Saga: New Moon," which had been 
2010's hottest disc release to date.

Fox Home Entertainment began selling the "Avatar" discs 
Thursday to coincide with Earth Day. The James Cameron 
epic marked a format record by moving 1.5 million 
Blu-ray copies in its first day on store shelves.

FHE will release special edition versions of the 
James Cameron epic in the fourth quarter, with 
those versions set to include special features 
of the sort normally included on home 
entertainment discs. A 3D Blu-ray version
of "Avatar" will be released early next year.

Obama Zombies

From the New York Times Best Sellers list. Needless to day I did not buy this, but the cover is cool.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

How can you own an intangible?

The future of your video collection may be somewhere in the ethernet, in cyber storage. Low cost rentals, video on demand, and personal storage are all trends taking the profit and cash flow out of DVD's and personal video collections. Services such as Disney's Keychest are popping up, Hulu and Netflix are now stables of the on-line world and Apple is not the top music and video sales generator soundly defeating the closest "brick and mortar" competitor, Wal-Mart.

Rental or own but keep it on a cloud computer, a computer that is not on your desktop but in come super server farm, which you can access from anywhere on your smart phone, iPad, netbook or even less costly interface yet to be released on the market. You can access your "computer", your collection, your video and your audio from anywhere in the world, anytime,

Record collections, stacks of brittle 78's, 45 singles, LP's (33 1/r rpm), and CDs have given way to MPEG and iPods.

The generation that could not own movies unless they were wealthy, and even then poor Super 8 prints with scratchy audio tracks, were the innovators who gobbled up DVD's and now Blue Rays so they could own a piece of their own history, their own memories and their own passions. VHS started the trend, but it was a poor substitute for today's 720 and 1080p universe.

And now comes the next step.

Will we let go of knowing we own secure copies you can file, touch, possess and move on to "owning" digital files stored on our computers or out there in cyber space?

There were those who swore that CD's would never lose their magic, yet most music is now delivered computer to computer to portable player and cell phone.

We are growing ever closer to owning the intangible, the non-physical and feeling the pride of ownership without every touching a physical wrapper or product.

What will the future hold?

Ghoulish Fun on Broadway!

The Addams Family

A scene from “The Addams Family,” featuring Bebe Neuwirth and Nathan Lane, which opened at April 14th at the Lunt-Fontanne Theater in New York,  to luke warm and cold reviews but sold out audiences. In the course of "fixing" the show between its Chicago birth and Broadway, much of the cartoonist humor and color were replaced by shades of the popular TV show and movies. The name of the show even changed, from "Addams Family Values" to "The Addams Family."

More at New York Times.comAddams Family Musical home page (watch the videos if you want to see classic Addams Family cartoons), Wikipedia (plot spoiler), New York Times very negative review, The New Yorker Take (Addams penned some of his classics for the New Yorker), Washington Posts pan of the musical (again audiences love it, critics do not)Wikipedia on the television show (disclaimer, I am bias since Ted Cassidy, who played Lurch on the television series, was a friend of my wife's Uncle Jack and played on the Florida State Basketball team with Uncle Jack - "Lurch" a.k.a. "Jaws" was the center)

Photo below is from The Washington Post : Addams' bland: The cast members can't compete with the TV show's macabre family. From left, Adam Riegler, Jackie Hoffman, Bebe Neuwirth, Nathan Lane, Kevin Chamberlin, Krysta Rodriguez and Zachary James. (Joan Marcus/the Publicity Office)

Drawings are the original cartoon family by Charles Addams; caption for larger drawing is "Just the kind of day that makes you feel good to be alive!" 

Understand Show Biz as if you were young and starting out!

Young Performers Go on Line. Check it Out!

As of today young performers and their parents have their own on-line home at the Screen Actors Guild:
The site includes video interviews, interactive features, fun facts, important links and resoureces.
The SAG Young Performers handbook is now on-line, answering key questions and offering resources for parents and older young performers.
A glossary of terms (see also the right hand column of this blog).
Information on the Coogan law, child labor laws and work permits.
Links to Actors Fund resources and the AFTRA-SAG Federal Credit Union.
Plus some general tips for performers.
All actors face the daunting task of protecting one’s career and image while confronting the need for prolific exposure of their likeness and name to sustain that career. And while new technologies are creating great opportunities for all Screen Actors Guild members, it is important to take pause and recognize that the Internet does, in fact, leave our youngest members most susceptible to peril. We’ve all heard stories about innocent cyber exchanges and Web postings gone bad. The realities of promoting the careers of young performers in cyberspace leave these children more vulnerable than most.

Tips and Tools for Young Performers

Parents and guardians of young performers frequently face issues that most parents do not have to address. In the course of your child’s acting pursuit, you are frequently asked to provide personal information to agents, casting directors and production companies. As your child’s union, the Guild urges you to be very cautious.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Warning about 3D TV

From Variety:

If warnings on Samsung's Aussie website are to be believed, you might have to watch its 3D TV wearing a crash helmet and seatbelt.

But the electronics company's somewhat surreal missive has left showbiz tech experts rubbing their eyes in disbelief.A side from warning that strobe lights can trigger epileptic seizures -- a known risk for pretty much everything from TV screens to traffic lights -- it urges viewers to stop watching and consult a doctor if they experience any of a slew of possible symptoms, including dizziness, cramps or "loss of awareness," and warns against 3D viewing "if you are in bad physical condition, need sleep or have been drinking alcohol."

See also Warning about Have you Thought About 3D TV (from an engineer)

Arizona Governor signs nations toughest anti-illegal immigration law

From the Washington Post:

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer signed into law the nation's toughest legislation against illegal immigration Friday, a sweeping measure that supporters said would take handcuffs off police but which President Barack Obama said could violate people's civil rights.
The bill, sent to the Republican governor by the GOP-led Legislature, would make it a crime under state law to be in the country illegally. It would also require local police officers to question people about their immigration status if there is reason to suspect they are illegal immigrants.

Concerns likely to be voiced by the Justice Department and various organizations, including law enforcement agencies, is that puts police in a position to profile and discriminate against the Hispanic community. It also adds additional work to already overworked police. Discrimination is a real potential problem under the law. Also of concern is that local law enforcement must now absorb the cost of what has been a ISN/Homeland Security nationally funded issue.

On the opposite side it adds a tool for detention and other action in the current war on drugs, cartel related violence, gun running and prostitution.

Signs of hate and violence

You've seen the signs:

The President of the United States, an African American, with a Hitler moustache.

"We Vote With Bullets,"

"We Came Unarmed (This Time)."

"The Tree of Liberty...must be refreshed with the blood of patriots."


"Thank you, Fox News, For Keeping Me Infromed." (spelling is as it appeared on the sign)

But here's what you haven't seen: the corporate lobbyists who are funding and directing so much of the anti-Obama movement.  Think Progress reported: "Despite these attempts to make the 'movement' appear organic, the principle organizers of the local events are actually the lobbyist-run think tanks Americans for Prosperity and FreedomWorks. The two groups are heavily staffed and well funded."

The attack is not grass roots. It represents less than one third of Americans fueled by deep pocket special interests and corporations who are betting they will get a better break and have greater control if Republicans and newly elected Freshmen take over the government. Make no mistake about it!

What does not make sense is how this special interests talking point generated rhetoric could be put our there, knowing fell well it could incite violence of the Timothy McVeigh scale.

How responsible are these people? And why are they avoiding sane, balanced language that leads to compromise and peace?

See also: Teabonics

Who is the Tea Party


SAG Actor: SAG Conservatory Commercial Acting Seminar

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Latest Stats for Las Vegas Economy

The statistics are stacked against Las Vegas: highest foreclosure rate in the nation, 80 percent of homeowners "under water" on their mortgage, half of homes with 25 percent or more negative equity, 16 percent of homeowners delinquent on their mortgage, 13.8 percent unemployment.

Hulu to charge $9.95 a month in "experiment'


Hulu to add $9.95 per month Subscription Fee

The Los Angeles Times says that popular but unprofitable Hulu will start a $9.95 per month subscription “experiment” beginning next month. According to the post Hulu will still give away the most recent five episodes of current shows, but if someone wants to see older episodes they’ll have to be subscribers.
We’d think that the current shows would be the ones people might pay to see…

The Hulu video player displays a scene from "Arrested Development." Credit: Twentieth Century Fox and Imagine Entertainment.

See also:

LA Times story on Hulu

Comedy Central pulls from hulu

Trades and reflections

The Next hulu

The entertainment mix is going to change

Avatar, Apple, NBC...

Apple set to do to TV...

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

New $100 bills to fighting counterfitting

NPR reports that the government just posted images of the new $100 bill.

The $100 is a favorite of counterfeiters, for obvious reasons, and the government's rolling out new bills to try and make life harder for them. It seems like the old antibiotics-versus-bacteria thing, where the pathogens/counterfeiters are always catching up to the drugs/government.
Here's a brief description from the feds of some of the (literal) bells and (metaphorical) whistles on the new bills:
The blue 3-D Security Ribbon on the front of the new $100 note contains images of bells and 100s that move and change from one to the other as you tilt the note. The Bell in the Inkwell on the front of the note is another new security feature. The bell changes color from copper to green when the note is tilted, an effect that makes it seem to appear and disappear within the copper inkwell.
The new hundreds will enter circulation in February of next year.

For additional information go to NPR's Planet Money.

Gibbons among worst governors in nation

Gov. Jim Gibbons was named Wednesday as one of the nation's 11 worst governors by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington. More at Las Vegas Review Journal...

Larmar Marchese Photo Essay for Las Vegas Pride 2010


Invites you to view
( a n d p r e j u d i c e )

A photo essay by Photographer Lamar Marchese
5th Street School Auditorium
401 S. 4th Street
Artist Reception, April 29, 2010 5pm -7pm
April 30, 3pm -10:00pm
May 1, 1:00pm-4:00pm

Pride(and prejudice) documents the 2009 Gay Pride Parade
in St. Petersburg, Florida and is intended to illustrate the
wondrous diversity of humanity and capture visually some
of the joyful and sober emotions of the day. The show is
exhibited in conjunction with Las Vegas Pride 2010.


Lamar Marchese is the founder and long time general manager of KNPR / Nevada Public Radio.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Cirque du Soleil Plans Michael Jackson Show

From Hollywood on-line daily publication "the Wrap"

Michael Jackson Cirque Show will tour arenas in 2011, add permanent Las Vegas version in 2012

After building shows around the Beatles and Elvis Presley, Cirque du Soleil's next big star-driven show will focus on the late Michael Jackson.
The Quebec-based circus troupe has made a deal with the Jackson estate for the creation, development and production of Michael Jackson projects based on the King of Pop's music and songs.
An arena-touring show is expected to debut in late fall 2011. That show, which Cirque says will allow fans to "experience the excitement of a Michael Jackson concert," is expected to have an extended Las Vegas run in conjunction with longtime Cirque partner MGM Mirage.
A permanent Las Vegas show, also in partnership with MGM Mirage, is expected to open in late 2012. Details of location and plans for that permanent venue will be announced by MGM Mirage at a later date.
Special lifestyle projects, including a nightclub to open with the Las Vegas show, also will be developed.