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Monday, March 1, 2010

Extrapersonal Communication Model?

What is Extrapersonal Communication?

Trying to explain this term to my students i got some very good questions from them, i answered them but now i want to know the opinions of others too-

I was explaining how extrapersonal communication is done between human and non-human entities... the questions that followed-

Q1. How  about talking to a wall/ deity? Many people say and believe that they actually talk to inanimate objects (wall, mountains). Is it extra-personal communication or intra-personal communication?

Q2. When one touches a touch-me-not plant it shrinks back, similarly carnivorous plants show some changes/ movements when touched, is it a communication, if yes of what type?

Q3. Is praying (to the Divine) also communication? if yes then how to plot it on a communication model?

Q4. When talking with your dog or cat, is that interpersonal, extrapersonal or intrapersonal?

Your answers would validate or contradict my points. Kindly comment.

Sumangal Haldar
Senior Lecturer / Soft Skill Trainer
SRM College of Engineering and Management.

I will pass your comments on to this professor. Plus it is an interesting communication model and theory exercise.

1 comment:

sumaira said...

I want to give the answer of 4th question
ans: when I am talking with my cat or dog it is extra personal communication.Because I am human being and dog or cat is animal. According to definition I am sharing my impressions from my environment with other life form.