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Friday, February 25, 2011

Trust and taking risks

At its most basic teaching and learning is a relationship that is based on trust. Learning requires trust, respect, and openness. Learning can also involve transformation, which can be painful as we confront ourselves and the world, and if possible improve our world. The process of transformation may involve conflict. Most of all, learning should be a pursuit of passion, in whatever form it takes. I believe learning requires fearless curiosity and conviction.

In this age of sticks and stones, cynicism, force fed information, confrontational overtones and loss of respect, is learning possible in its purest, most vital form?

If you end up doing most of the "learning" in this course through your own research, by taking the time to read and apply what you read, by finding others to collaborate with, then you are well on your way toward a successful college experience and learning that will remain with you instead of passing through as water passes into and out of a pitcher. 

This is your course. I am here to help not to force or pour information into your brains. Feel free to ask my help, to take what I say with whatever value you wish to assign it, to use the other resources open to you at this college and to challenge yourself and push your own envelope.

Feel free to disagree openly. Use the blog or your speech, or discussion in class. Feel free to question and do your own research. Feel free to reveal some of yourself, and to share what you know, your thoughts, your ideas, your opinions and your values.

Art Lynch


Anonymous said...

I wish your other students would read and reflect on this.

Darren Eames said...

I think that with age comes a certain amount of cynicism and a degree of closed-mindedness, but I believe too that age also provides an appreciation of an "older" student, I sincerely respect those that teach with a passion.

Anonymous said...

Cooperation, an open mind, study groups and listening to others seems to be the point in trust and taking risk. Without risk there can be no advancement. In Wisconsin risks are being taken but the governor is unwilling to listen and compromise in any way. Where is the trust?

Anonymous said...

I love this post......Taking risks and changing are my two phobias. This post really opened my mind to consider how an education can affect an open mind and change as well.

Anonymous said...

Trust is a big word when it comes to learning. People have to trust their instructor and feel comfortable with what they are saying and take it into consideration that what they are saying is true and they want to help everyone who listening to them.
Andrea Scardino

Anonymous said...

Learning is hard these days with all of the cynisism and force fed information but with that said if a person wants bad enough to learn something they will.
Leah Waters
Hum 114

Anonymous said...

WOW! this is helps a lot!!