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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Sample Midterm and Final Questions

Name: ______________________ Class: _________________ Date: _________ ID: B
Indicate whether the statement is true or false. Select the best answer.
____ 1. The make up of your audience has little or no bearing on your speech.
____ 2. A transition that indicates a key move in a speech, making its organization clear to the audience is called
a signpost.
____ 3. Slang is technical language associated with a specific profession or subject.
____ 4. Ethnocentric listeners usually respond positively to a speaker who does not share their cultural
____ 5. Assigning positive words or phrases to the physical reactions and feelings associated with speech anxiety
involves re-labeling.
____ 6. Taking notes with a laptop computer while listening to a speech is a much better alternative to writing
your notes on paper.
____ 7. The most challenging delivery issue men encounter in public speaking is voice volume.
____ 8. Clarity is easy to achieve in informative speaking.
____ 9. The meaning of words does not change over time.
____ 10. You can easily obtain transparencies relevant to almost any topic simply by searching them out at any
university library, where thousands are on file.

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____ 11. In feedback the audience becomes the sender and the speaker the receiver..
____ 12. "Delivery" in public speaking refers to the oral component of a speech.
____ 13. The complete-sentence outline provides a very broad and general description of your ideas and how they
are related to each other.
____ 14. Ethical public speaking requires a dialogue between speakers and listeners.
____ 15. Informative speeches do not persuade.

Multiple Choice
Questions by the authors of the text or from repeated lecture and should use the textbook and lecturs as a basis for
determining the best possible answer. Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question as
would be interpirted by the authors of the text book. There may be more than one correct answer, so you must select
the one that is the one inferred in the text and lecture. Reread other questions if needed to assist in your thought
____ 16. Which of the following is not one of the "arts of public speaking?"
a. Style
b. Feedback
c. Arrangement
d. Delivery
____ 17. Presentation media should do which of the following?
a. help your audience remember you main ideas
b. stimulate an emotional reaction
c. clarify a key point
d. All of these answers are correct.
____ 18. Ethnocentrism
a. means you care only about people who are the same ethnic group as you
b. is the tendency to believe your individual to believe your way of seeing things or
doing things is somehow better than anyone elses
c. is the tendency of a group to belive its way of doing things is better things or seeing
things is somehow better than any other group.
d. is the tendency to believe someone you already agree withs ides are somehow closer
to your own than they actually are.
____ 19. For women, the most challenging aspect of speech delivery is
a. being seen behind the podium.
b. appropriate attire.
c. too much eye contact.
d. voice volume.
____ 20. Which of the following is not one of the things a speaker accomplishes in the speech's introduction?
a. gets the audiences' attention
b. reviews main points
c. indicates the purpose and thesis of the speech
d. establishes credibility
____ 21. Cultural norms are rules for how members of a culture should behave. Which of the following is an
example of a cultural norm?
a. stopping at a red traffic light
b. paying your taxes
c. going to the movies naked
d. the way people conduct themselves when attending church services
____ 22. Arriving at the speech site early and checking on the technical equipment for your speech helps you
a. avoid technical problems.
b. increase your confidence that things will go smoothly.
c. manage your nervousness.
d. All of these answers are correct.
____ 23. Ethical speakers and listeners have what in common?
a. a mutual respect for themselves and each other
b. logical interaction with each other
c. accuracy
d. All of these answers are correct.
____ 24. It is usually best to distribute handouts when?
a. before your speech
b. during your speech
c. after your speech
d. None of these answers are correct.
____ 25. The guidelines for effectively presenting a speech of nomination include
a. be very informal.
b. every detail about the nominee's résumé.
c. using the impromptu method of delivery.
d. choosing a nominator who is well respected.
____ 26. Demoraghics is / are
a. two-way communication.
b. members of a political party.
c. ways of charting statistics..
d. ways to understand your intended audience.
____ 27. Transitions play an important role in creating ____ in your speech.
a. balance
b. coherence
c. relevance
d. None of these answers are correct.
____ 28. Using the ____ pattern of organization for an informative speech can add suspense and drama to the
a. chronological
b. cause-and-effect
c. narrative
d. spatial
____ 29. Janet could not get a sense of how her audience was responding to her speech. This generally made her
feel ____.
a. less anxious
b. happy
c. anxious
d. None of these answers are correct.
____ 30. Using digital slides to storyboard a speech involves
a. developing clear bullet points that highlight the main ideas of the speech.
b. visualizing the ideas of the speech for the audience.
c. telling the story of the speech, such as how the speaker choose the topic and
researched the speech.
d. using the narrative organizational pattern to put the speech's main ideas in order.
____ 31. Speakers who use mobility aids should
a. avoid using note cards when speaking extemporaneously and simply memorize the
b. determine in advance if standing or sitting for the presentation will be the most
c. place a table or podium between themselves and the audience.
d. handle any presentation issues spontaneously as they arise during the presentation.
____ 32. Transitions which let the audience know where you are in a speech and where you are going are called
a. signposts
b. internal summaries
c. guideposts
d. directional
____ 33. "How to Take a Two-Week Vacation on a Budget" is an example of an informative speech about
a. objects and places.
b. people and other living creatures.
c. processes.
d. events.
____ 34. "His name fits him like a glove" is an example of which type of language devise?
a. parallelism
b. similies
c. alliteration
d. antithesis
____ 35. Kelly was sure that her nervousness about public speaking was obvious to everyone in her audience. This
belief is known as ____.
a. the spotlight effect
b. the illusion of transparency
c. speech phobia
d. speech anxiety
____ 36. If using colors for your digital slides, the colors should
a. contrast greatly.
b. blend together nicely.
c. the colors you choose matter little.
d. be in the same color spectrum.
____ 37. When presenting in videoconference, presenters should
a. use paper rather than note cards.
b. avoid preparing too much because then they don't appear spontaneous.
c. prepare digital slides in advance.
d. not use presentation media.
____ 38. One strategy for managing your body when giving a speech is:
a. look at your note cards, glance up at the audience.
b. move around the room at a frantic pace.
c. radiate a positive attitude.
d. use pre-planned or staged gestures.
____ 39. Unlike in everyday conversations, your public speaking audience expects you to ____.
a. be brief
b. be an authority on you subject
c. be technical
d. know little about your topic
____ 40. "The History of Mardi Gras in New Orleans" is an example of an informative speech about
a. objects and places.
b. people and other living creatures.
c. processes.
d. events.
____ 41. Which of the following would tend to lower the level of speech anxiety when presenting your speech?
a. Getting an early start on your speech preparation.
b. Choosing a topic you care about.
c. Effectively researching your topic.
d. All of these answers are correct.
____ 42. If you have a positive attitude toward public speaking, you ____.
a. welcome the chance to entertain others
b. view public speaking as an opportunity
c. look forward to sharing information
d. All of these answers are correct.
____ 43. The presentation outline is used for
a. initial topic development.
b. guiding research.
c. developing the preparation outline.
d. practicing a speech.
____ 44. When presenting on camera the speaker should
a. focus on the camera, not the audience, when an in-person audience is present.
b. write out what they plan to say in manuscript form
c. try not to move at all.
d. avoid jargon.
____ 45. During a videoconference, speakers should
a. speak clearly and crisply.
b. organize their materials while others group members are speaking.
c. go over their time limit if needed so all information is presented.
d. exaggerate gestures to be sure the camera captures them.
____ 46. In a(n) ____, one person from the group gives the presentation.
a. round table discussion
b. oral report
c. forum
d. panel discussion
____ 47. You can us RWA to demonstrate how to do something special on the web, such as displaying articles
found on websites that support your topic. RWA stands for ____?
a. real-world access
b. round the world access
c. real time web access
d. reality web access
____ 48. The "spotlight effect" refers to ____.
a. people paying no attention to your speech
b. being nervous because you are illuminated by a spotlight
c. thinking the audience is observing you more carefully than they really are
d. focusing too much on one aspect of your speech
____ 49. The tone of your speech can be changed by
a. raising or lowering your voice.
b. changing the words you use to describe you topic.
c. using a joke.
d. changing your introduction.
____ 50. When practicing a speech for extemporaneous delivery, speakers should practice
a. in stages.
b. until they can give a perfect speech.
c. so thoroughly they memorize the entire speech.
d. after writing out the speech word for word.

Midterm B SAMPLE Com 101 Spring 2010 Art Lynch


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