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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Resources and Study Links

Up Resource and Study Materials

Sample outlines, help for each speech, help for research and references.
These do not apply to this or any specific class, course, section, school or text. Ignore chapter or page references unless you use them as a source in other research.

Informative Speaking Assignment PowerPoint

Informative Speaking Lesson Notes

Persuasive Speaking Lesson Notes

Extemporainous speaking, eye contact, demographics, other

Jillian's Notes

The following are links to locations on this blog, working as of the date this was scipted. If they do not work, use the search feature on the blog or e-mail

Click read more to see the list of links...

Communication Course Notes

(Does not apply to any single class, course or text. Use as general review only).

COM 101 Spring 2010 Notes


Recommended Links (education, communication, news, other)

Pay to Use Fee Based Links (no revenue to this site)

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