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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Cut Education and raise tutition, but not taxes: Nevada GOP

State GOP Plan for attacking budget crisis  includes 7.5 percent cuts to state spending on higher education and K-12 education, tuition increases but not tax increases. It rejects the notion that previous cuts have sliced education to as low as it can be in costs. Republicans want wage and other concessions from employees in all K and higher education, and most state positions (beyond the furloughs and cuts already made). It rejects Democrats plans to tax or ask for advance payment of taxes from gaming and mining. the Republicans are only asking the Nevada Gaming Control Board to raise another $4.2 million by increasing the investigation fee for licensees from about $80 to $115 per hour. The Republican proposal borrows from the property fund, potentially increasing future debt. 

Meanwhile the Nevada Resort Association announced tonight that the gaming industry won’t agree to a Democratic plan to obtain $32 million more a year from casinos to help balance the state budget. 

First published 2-12-2010

1 comment:

Eric Raba said...

Just another example of how big business is just out for themselves, and it leaves the little guy with the tab!