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Friday, August 7, 2009

Chapter 13: Informative Speaking and Outlining

Chapter 13: Informative Speeches
This chapter summary is written by the authors of the authors of the text, "Public Speaking, the Evolving Art (ISBN-13:978-0-534-636727-9). It is a summary and should not take the place of reading the textbook or using the other resources provided on Angel by the publisher, course instructor or school.
Chapter Summary

When you give an informative speech, you seek to deepen understanding, raise awareness, or increase knowledge about a topic. To effectively connect with an audience in order to share information, you must ensure that your speech is meaningful, accurate, and clear.

To teach, share, inform, explain, lead, fill in knowledge, spark interests and demonstrate are key reasons to do informative speeches. There are others.

Most informative speeches are about objects and places, people and other living creatures, processes, events, or ideas and concepts. The general and specific purposes you develop for an informative speech should reflect your overall goal--to foster understanding about a subject or to explain to your audience how to perform a process. Several patterns of organization work well for informative speeches, including the chronological, spatial, topical, narrative, and cause-and-effect patterns. The pattern you choose for an informative speech should complement your general and specific purposes for that speech.

Five strategies for delivering an effective informative speech are to keep your speech informative rather than persuasive, make your speech come alive with colorful language and a topic that sparks your audience's imagination, connect your topic to your audience in meaningful ways, inform to educate, and use presentation media to inform.

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