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Friday, February 24, 2012

Thoughts for free, a diminishing resource

Hulu is set to become a pay service.

At least some of it, the part people most want to watch will be.

You Tube this week is offering pay to view of five select Sundance Films during the Sundance Festival.

The Wall Street Journal and New York Times are both requiring subscription to view their archieves (which is why links expire) and the Times will launch a subsription or pay per access model staring next year.

The trend toward free access to limited commercial same week access to network television programming on the Internet is reversing itself, with fewer and fewer episodes and pay models being developed.

At the same time as the Supreme Court allows corporations to dominate political discourse through advertising dollars, our potential savior of the Internet is moving toward paid corporate models and limited site access.

What are your thoughts on this shift in society?

How much can you afford to pay for 'paid' access products, services, and much needed information? I the answer is not much, then how will the common man find out what they need to know or enjoy what they may need to relax in an increasingly rich man's (or woman's) corporate dominated society?

How long can democracy survive?

First published 1/20/ 2010


Unknown said...

This article reminds me of a time when the rich were the only ones educated. It seems like because of this shift in society that soon only people who can afford the subscriptions will be aloud to watch/read the news, watch shows, or even attend college. Sure there will be parts that are free but they would be the least desired or useful. The internet is supposed to be a free and unlimited resource for people but now it is making its shift towards a corporation democracy.

Kyle Butler

Anonymous said...

As more items do go to pay service I'm less and less inclined to use them; As even the pay services do not provide what I want when I want it.

Take netflix or Hulu Plus I find myself still unable to watch what I want when I want it due to other contracts behind being able to host the material and Intellectual Property rights or whatever netflix / hulu have to pay to provide this material.

Everybody wants to get paid for what they "do", whether it's Information or Entertainment.