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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Media Convergence

CBS Sunday Mornings recently featured a look back at its history as a medium. It also took a look forward in this age of digital convergence. The video that results, although from an old school media form, is worth watching as a primer on how quickly our sources of information are changing. Can we trust the new media? Only if we learn to seek our multiple sources. And here is the hard part. You need to seek out sources that disagree with what you believe or think. Hard to do, but needed, or we will become an increasingly polarized and frozen society, with hate, misinformation, corporate control and mistrust growing to epidemic proportion.

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For information and a study on the subject of "is the media objective", offering ways and reasons to explore all forms of media and all sources, simply e-mail me and I will be glad to pass it your way. I did not write it and it is from a qualified academic or scholarly source.

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Nick Hoffman said...

I believe the United States IS already controlled by corporate media relaying the "intended information" that the U.S. government would like us to hear. This article is true though, without outsourcing our normal media feed, we become addicted to what we want to hear.

Anonymous said...

It is scary how easily and how quickly we can do so many things now, with the progress of media. I constantly think to myself, "what is the point of buying that cd, or dvd when we probably won't even use them soon." I agree with the end of the video, that although it is older is will continue to be seen for years to come, because it will always be relevant. The media is constantly changing and will always change.

Angelina Gomez

Jessica Johnson said...

It is called the associated press.
JEssica Johnson
COM 101-4041

Anonymous said...

Anthony Chu
In my personal opinion it is very hard to trust the new media because majority of the times they only choose stories that will intres the public. And to do that majority of the times they tend to change something in the story or the dont mention everything that happens.

Anonymous said...

Colleen RT

In my opinion the media can't truly be trusted. Information can be and often is changed to suit or sway the viewers or listeners in a certain way. The media lacks the integrity it once had.