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Friday, December 25, 2009

Apple Computer Pad?

NPR asks what next for Apple? While the Apple Tablet, Apple Media Pad, iPad and other product names have been bounced about in the blogisphere, there is no official confirmation and even reasons to believe it is all speculation with little fact. But then Apple has long used speculation to its advantage, and there is plenty of evidence outside what Apple may officially say, that a touch screen interface tablet, readers or some other device is not only in the works, but is ready for marketing come Apple's January annual convention in San Francisco.

Will there be an Apple Pad computer announced at Apple's convention January 20th? Not likely, but maybe before the next Christmas season. The New York Times reports on the reasons for delays and the reason it will come about.


The Times seems to think that other developers are waiting for Apple to establish a product and demand for the product before releasing theirs. The author also points out that other manufacturers, who do market by price point and go after lower end consumers, have released preliminary products that failed for lack of quality, software, name recognition, marketing expertise or timing.

Steve Jobs was not happy with earlier technology and prototypes, although they did lead to iPhones and iPod touch, and to the applications that drive them. Now it has led to most all smart phones copying the interface, and indirectly to the Amazon's Kindle and similar Sony product.

He is a prefectionist and insists that it be within a reasonable price range (affordable is in the mind of the beholder, and Apple has never gone to the low end consumer). He insists it works. He insists that it be innovative and not just a larger iPod or an Apple verison of Kindle. He insists that is be light weight. He insists on a battery life long enough to use it for real reading and movie viewing. He prefers it also function as a larger smart-phone and small net-book.

Steve Jobs also wants it to be a video quality that will not fatigue the eyes, be good for text as well as the highest possible definition of video viewing.

He also wanted for there to be enough product and demand. With demand raised through iTunes and competitors, Netscape, Hulu, You-Tube, and on the reading side Kindle and Sony this Christmas season, his primary objection has now been met.

There are patents already filed, in large numbers, by Apple and Apple suppliers.

Discussion is underway, or reported to be, with Verizon to be the carrier for the Apple "Media Pad" and a less enabled and lower price point product being called "iPhone Lite" while the iPhone itself remains exclusively with AT&T. Lots of speculation throughout 2009 on a product that has not officially been announced.

And Apple has gained ground and acceptance as an operating system against the giant Microsoft and in the phone area against Microsoft Phones.

So, despite Apple's official denial of an Apple reader or Apple Pad, one has been in the works and near release.

Since the demand was not proven until the recession holiday season, and since we remain unofficially in a recession with ten percent or higher unemployment in the US, it is my feeling Apple will not release such a product until later this year,

I hope I am wrong.

It would be great to see it announced as the next big Apple break through in San Francisco early in the New Year.

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