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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

From PC to Mac

The Mossberg Solution in today's Wall Street Journal helps open a window on the Mac, making transition from a Windows Machine to the easier to use Mac even simplier. 


Rather than go into the details of the story attached (such as getting use to the screen, minor differences in keyboard and various mac mice---widows mice will work on a mac just as if they are hooked up to a Windows based machine), I would like to point to other differences and fallacies.

So how do Macs compare to Windows? It is in the eyes and ears of the consumer and in the nature of their use of computers.

Windows 7 Pro is as good as and based heavily on the consumer and business programs already operating on Macs. Windows programs will run on a Mac (some simple manual help hints may need to be followed, or you can load Windows side by side on your hard drive and run both operating systems).

Macs run Windows, including Window 7, faster than machines build specifically for Windows. The exceptions are some specialized high end machines, and machines built only for specific use (such as video gaming).

Macs run 99.9% of video games available on-line and will run 100% if Windows is installed as discussed above.

So, what do you look at as you make your decision which computer to put under the tree, or buy in the New Year? (see date at bottom of this post).

Mac hardware is top shelf, where as most PC hardware is made and sold to keep cost down. Preference on programs is an individual decision, however most programs for the PC are available for the Mac, and if you prefer Windows will run on a Mac faster than on any PC near the same cost as a Mac.

Click on "read more" to find out more.

Why people use or are sold on Windows.

Most people learn their computer skills at work or in school. Sweetheart deals made in exchange for purchasing long term service agreements, have many schools and the vast majority of businesses running on Windows. Gateway, Dell, HP and other Microsoft based companies make sweetheart deals, many subsodized by Microsoft, to replace Macs in offices and schools.

So odds are your first exposure and love for computers lies in the Windows World.

While Mac was designed from the beginning for the home and school user, and for right brain driven creative artists, Windows was pattered after the IBM office project model, with additional steps and a very office task bias. Windows 7, particurally the costly pro version, corrects many of these problems.

Then on the consumer level not only was famiarity with Windows a sales driving force, but the false perception of that Windows machines are cheeper.

"Entry level" computers are often sold without the memory, processing speed, graphic quality or complete Windows operating system (cut down versions that require paying for upgrades are a common Microsoft sales stategy).

Entry level macs are the same as professional macs, although you may upgrade for your personal or professional need or preferences. Macs come with the operating system, out of the box programs for most consumer uses, and enough computing power to do the job. They are built stronger and have what is usually a more effective free warrenty, and what has been rated the best in the business purchased extention in "Apple Care".

On line customer service for a Mac comes with scheduled call back times, instant messaging or menus of manuals, help pages and user discussion groups. With Windows it depends on the brand of computer you purchase, with some rated excellent and others poor.

Probably most important is that the people who work in retails stores are use to Windows, and in some cases may know basic programming and trouble shooting for Windows. The bias of someone who is a pro at using Windows lies in their expertise and how easy it is for them. Usually they have the computing power and customization skills needed to make Windows a great machine for them. They then project it on to others, forgetting that not everyone knows "computer speak."

Why Mac.

Look and status.

While other computer companies are copying Mac's look and style, Mac remains innovative.

Mac will not release a product that does not work. There may be bugs, but compared to other computers the consumer affairs confirmed reliablity of a Mac product is very high. Many products rumored for Mac simply are not available because they must meet Mac's strict standards before being released as a Mac product.a

Most macs run Windows faster than a machine built for and marketed with Windows. That should speak volumes for the quality and integrity of Mac hardware. They will even run both systems on the same computer, with some versions able to run the two simultaineously.

Mac remains in many schools. It is easy to use right out of the box for those who are not highly skilled in or simply daily habitual users of Windows.

Mac is far less open to virus attack.

Mac is used as a foundation for most professional video peoduction.

Mac is graphics friendly, in fact most design firms, publications, creative artists use Mac. There has been some erosion of this by Windows, done in part by Microsoft buying up companies that were strong Mac software producers and refocusing them on Windows.

Mac uses cutting edge design and technololgy in a consumer level product.

Mac does not sell cut down versions. As mentioned earlier, entry level Macs contain all that you need and the basic computing power to do the job right out of the box. Seldom do users find a need to upgrade due to lack of processing or other computing power, unless they move into professional applications that require beyond what most consumers need.

Microsoft itself devotes a larger portion of its software development to Mac product. Most Microsoft programs area available for Mac, those that are not can be run on Windows emulators or by installing Windows as the secondary operating system on a mac.

Mac is the computer of choice for many governments, international corporations and those concerned with security, reliability and stability.

First published 10-28-2009


Linda Ndenga said...

I guess i'm pretty stuck on windows despite its problems, i plan on tring mac sometime, i hear the grass is greener there in more ways that one.
Linda Ndenga

Michael J. Jones said...

There is no doubt that Macs have a higher standard of build quality when compared with standard Windows machines. However, Windows is and will always dominate the market because of there accessibility (there cheap. Think for a moment on how many Toyota's, Nissan's, and Ford's you see on the road compared to Lexus, BMW, Bentley. Its not that we wouldn't prefer a Toyota over a Lexus but, that's what we can afford...

Anonymous said...

I prefer a Mac over PC anyday. I have a Mac and I love it. I think its a lot easier to use. Its really user friendly.

Chris Jackson

Anonymous said...

Actually if you do the math on cost, including programs, Macs are less expensive. The price tag may seem higher, but have you shopped Windows computers with full program packages? If you pay under $800 (lowest price for any Mac) you get what you pay for.

Georgina Zielinski said...

Macs are cool and very nice looking. They are in some ways better than Microsoft, but I grew up with Microsoft and Macs confuse me when I try to use them. I would like to own a Mac, but I am not ready to relearn how to use a computer.

Anonymous said...

I prefere Pc over Mac. Macs are way to difficult to use. I get confused and theres way to many hidden ways to geth to something so simple as..just the internet. to confusing for me, its like a whole new world. Jumpin from a flip phone to an iphone is about the same transition .

Chynna Greene

Anonymous said...

I have both a PC and a Mac. I believe the Mac is way better. It is faster, doesn't break as often, and it can do more. Mac all the way!

-Sara Q. bc 6003

luisa galdamez Com 4041 said...

I am a mac user and I completely love it. I was a PC user and like the article said i was used to and Mac was so different. But it is a lot faster and less prone to viruses. I have had it for 3 years and no virus so far. Also i have heard for computer technicians that Macs are so much easier to access data from.

Aleksandra D. COM101-6003 said...

MAC or Windows, really the only thing the matters is what do you need the computer for and how much you are willing to spend. In the end the hardware is party much the same so it comes down to software and looks as we all are consumers and we like the cool looking toys.

Anonymous said...

PC over mac any day of my life, but
from the article, I think this sums it up:

"The bias of someone who is a pro at using Windows lies in their expertise and how easy it is for them. Usually they have the computing power and customization skills needed to make Windows a great machine for them. They then project it on to others, forgetting that not everyone knows "computer speak."

It may be true that PC's have had a much higher learning curve, but I would argue this learning curve is diminishing and problems are disappearing with the advent of windows 7 and forthcoming windows 8 etc...

I think we also forget that Mac's didn't come onto the computer scene running OS X back in 1984 originally. They ran other operating systems that had just as many quirks, problems, limitations etc... as windows operating systems did.

Just because a PC requires a bit of knowledge to use isn't a bad thing.
Keep in mind, that can be a very marketable skill set.

I'll leave you with these thoughts:

You need to be at least be 10% smarter than the tools you work with.

If a pretty box and cute icons is all you need to motivate you, you probably have a very easy job. The kind robots will be doing soon.
(adapted from a demoralizing poster about your job from )

Ryan Clift
Com 101 - 4049

Christina Ortega COM101-4049 said...

beat investment ive ever made!! I Love my mac and am learning new things about it all the time!!