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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Chapter 2: Building Your Confidence

This chapter summary is written by the authors of the authors of the text, "Public Speaking, the Evolving Art (ISBN-13:978-0-534-636727-9). It is a summary and should not take the place of reading the textbook or using the other resources provided on Angel by the publisher, course instructor or school.

Chapter Summary

You'll never be free of your fear of public speaking--and that's good. Why? Because those feelings motivate you to prepare for your speech. When you think about the day you're scheduled to speak, you should feel a little jolt and think, "I need to finish my research," "I need to learn more about my audience," or "I need to practice my speech again." Without nervousness to motivate you, you might not prepare thoroughly for your speech, and will likely do poorly as a result.

The key component of managing speech anxiety is developing a positive attitude toward public speaking. Visualization, relabeling, and relaxation techniques help you develop that attitude, increase your confidence as a speaker, and decrease your nervousness. Still, you need more than the right mental framework to manage your fear of public speaking. Thorough planning, preparation, and practice give you the confidence that you are truly ready for your presentation. All speakers must learn to live with feelings of nervousness. In this chapter, you've learned about many concrete strategies to cope with these feelings. As you develop ways to manage your speech anxiety, you'll become more confident as a speaker. Rather than overwhelming you, the nervousness you feel can help you present a dynamic, engaging, and audience-centered speech.

Mayo Clinic on Relexation

Relaxation Techniques

Learning Meditation

MedLine Plus: Phobias
Sponsored by the U.S. National 
Library of Medicine and the
U.S. Institutes of Health,
this section of the site explains
the nature of phobias and includes
links to a wide variety of resources.
Relaxation Techniques
Exercises for quick and long-term
relaxation from the student-run
Peer Health center at Williams College.


Relaxation and Meditation Techniques
Links to articles and resources from
Stress Management Resources from Mind Tools
Although this site's resources focus
on how to manage workplace stress,
many of the strategies are applicable to public speaking anxiety.


Reggie said...

Although I agree that being prepared helps I am always almost sickly nervous when I speak in a crowd!

Kimberly said...

COM101 550

I am going to try everything I have learned from these chapters. I have a terrible time speaking in front of people. My voice quivers, I start to sweat and shake. I know it is anxiety. As a matter of fact I took COM101 when I was pregnant with my daughter and had to withdrawl because I almost blacked out while giving my first speech. I even get nervous and my heart starts to pound for other students before they begin. I got it bad. I am going to give it another shot, but only because I have to. =)

Anonymous said...

Very helpfull... the more you read, the more you can get alots of idea and to build a confidence to speech....Jasmin strasner com101(930)

Anonymous said...

This has to be one of my worst !!!!
Danielle Hoyer

Anonymous said...

I don't normally have a problem speaking in front of people; however, the class setting is a little intimidating. Luckily, this semester I learned how to be more relaxed.

Erin Penman
Sec. 4080

Denay Anthony, Hum 114 said...

I have done so many presentations in my life up until I started going back to college. I find that I enjoy doing them, because It is away for me to learn more about the specific subject. Doing the preparation for the presentations I am in the learning process, and that helps me to remember in the long term. Before I present, I am constantly practicing in my head throughout the week, which is one of the tecniques I use to get prepared. The more you learn about the subject you are going to present the less nervous you will feel about public speaking.