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Friday, November 30, 2012

Giving Men an admission advantage in college?

Women now outnumber men on college campuses. Women earn about 60% of all undergraduate degrees. More women graduate form med school than men. Law degrees women have overtaken men.

Will some key colleges soon become so women dominated that men become a discriminated against minority in admissions and in other key categories. Could Title 9 actually defend men and admission of men as a minority?

Some studies indicate boys perform at a lower level when overwhelmingly outnumbered by women, and therefore have less of a potential in a female dominated classroom or at a female dominated school.

Is the increase in women graduating be lowering the pay earned with bachelors, masters, or post graduate degrees?  Pay scales have gone down in fields as women move into domination into each field, as seen in any commission job area, in some key management areas and in many other fields. Area of some professions where men who work with pencils and staplers and office supplies have gone down in overall pay as women enter the job market and compete for those positions.

Is there a way to achieve gender equality without reverse gender discrimination or without lowering the water level for everyone?

What are your ideas and thoughts?

First published 11/11/2009


Anonymous said...

Women have the will and desire to succeed. I am a young girl who graduated a year early from high school just so i could pursue a goal, men would never do thats. Most men who go to college and are undecided just sign up for classes and end up partying or not making grades and drop. By doing that your taking a spot of someone who could have earned an A and furthered there education. Honestly Title 9 should not give men more privelage when getting onto college because women work very hard and men feel like in school they can just get by.

Jade Morton

Linda Ndenga said...

I feel like there should be equal opportunity for all, which there is for the most part. The difference comes in, when one is presented with the opportuninty, its up to the individual to maximize it, or they can choose not to. There are ways to get more men into colleges without affecting women (this country figured out how to put a man on the moon, getting more men into collge should not be that hard).Maybe some form of male favoring affirmative action? Linda Ndenga

Michael J. Jones said...

Unfortunately there is gender discrimination but, there is no doubt that women are just as capable of becoming a Physician, Lawyer, or CEO of a major company. Statistically speaking men have always made more per hour even when men are holding a lower position.

Anonymous said...

Women are a little more driven then men. Men just wanna party in college and forget about their education. Some of those men play sports and just wanna make it to the big leagues. If they don't make it, then that's when reality sits in that they need to do something with their life.

Chris Jackson

Anonymous said...

The point of the story is that women are given an advantage when they should no longer need one. Admission formulas are slanted toward women, as are scholarships available,

Anonymous said...

Men do not put make up on while there driving on the freeway. Men call that dangerious, women call it multitasking.
John Allen

Anonymous said...

I feel woman should not have any more of an advantage then men within college. For those guys that party to much theres the same amount of drunkin hoes, and for the College athletes who could care less about their education who just want to go pro, is the same on the female side. it should be equal.

Chynna Greene

Miranda connell said...

It is true that alot of men do party their way through college but there is also a huge number of women that do the same. Maybe the statistics show that more women get degrees and go on to med school and law, maybe women can handle more pressure, maybe they are a bit more driven. Either way all individuals are different and are responsible for themselves.