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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Informative Speaking: Specific Overview on Speech Evaluation

Speech # 3 Informational Speech

Length: 6 to 8 minutes, 50 points deducted if over or under limit

Topic: An issue or concept that is new and interesting to your audience.

Notes: Must not appear to use notes, although short notes are permitted.

Outlines: Thumbnail copy for instructor. Detailed outline with a minimum of five academic source references noted on the outline referenced to the place they are used, presented only to the instructor before your speech. Narrative also required. All notes and visual aids are to be turned in immediately following the speech.

References: A bibliography/Reference list with a minimum of five academic source references. This is added at the end of your resume, not as a separate sheet.

Visuals: Three presentation aids (one of which must be visual). PowerPoint counts as only one, only one embedded visual counts, one needs to be an object, poster, handout of a different type of presentation aid.

Interesting to your audience.

Your speech should be timely and "news" to your audience.

You must have a strong introduction, a clear thesis statement, a supportive body and a clear conclusion.

Each of your main points must be supported with an appropriate source made clear to your audience.

Your speech should reflect reasonable, balanced knowledge and be as objective as possible.

Relevance statement

Established credibility

Clear thesis

Used pattern of organization properly

Used appropriate supporting materials

Used and integrated sources orally into the speech

Well-structured main points

Clear transitions and signposts

Word choice/clarity of expression

Conclusion clear
Restate thesis

Effective sense of closure

Delivery done well and within course guidelines
Use of Presentation Aids
Voice (volume, pitch, rate, pauses)
Body use (eye contact, gestures, movement)
Extemporaneous delivery/enthusiasm
Sources shown APA/properly inside outline
Sources shown APA/properly at end of outline
Sources mentioned appropriately inside actual speech
Progress for the term

For more on informative speaking, click here.


nicole said...

Nicole Vidican
BC 550
I wonder what I should do for my informative speech, hmmmm.... Jim Morrison, how to do a increased- layered form haircut?, I have no idea help me out?

Shandy said...

A hair cut would be good Nicole, it's something you know well that most others wouldn't!

Haley Albin said...

DO it talk about hair styling!
I am still thinking about what I want to do.

Anonymous said...

Rebecca C Bc550
By the end of this class you will all be educated in dental health. lol

Morgan Romito Com 101 Sec 116 said...

I'm pretty nervous for this speech, I jsut dont to sound like im rambling on about nothing.

Anonymous said...

Oy vey! I have everything I need for my Informative speech but I'm just worried that my audience won't like it! Not looking forward to my speech presentation but I will definitely do my best!

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