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Sunday, August 5, 2012

The end of privacy

The End of Privacy is a four part series which began this afternoon in NRP's All Things Considered. The technologies for collecting data have ended the privacy we once all held dear. But has it? Is the fatalism justified?

Try Put in a search list of your choice and you will find lists of names, addresses, sometimes phone numbers for people who match the list criteria. Medical conditions are prime in the broadband speed of flow of information into the data pool.

Nexis-Lexis remains the largest.

It is all public information we give up freely when we fill out forms, answer questions, purchase merchandise, use the Internet, make phone calls and even by entering schools.

Social networks, resume services, employment services, financial help sites....

We admit more sensitive to "cheesy" web sites set up to seem fun and making it into a game.

1 comment:

Morgan Romito Com 101 Sec 116 said...

I think thats really awkward now that its put in perspective about how easily it is to obtain someones information so easily. It makes you think twice about what to put out there and what you should. After reading this ill most likely double check what im writting is what I wouldnt care if the whole world knew.