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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Be Absurd. Be Crazy. Dare to Dream.

Sometimes it pays to not make sense, to explore the whimsical, discover the totally absurd. The New York Times article above explores how going off the beaten track can lead to new discoveries, new ways of doing things or just refresh you to tackle what you need to tackle.

First Posted October 9, 2009


jcdaniel62 said...

Whenever I'm out driving around and considering absurdity as related to intelligence and different ways of thinking , the first person who comes to my mind is Frank Zappa. Anyone familiar with Zappas music knows that he was probably the undisputed king of absurdity in pop culture from the late 60s, to the late 80s. Not only is much of the lyrical content in most of Zappas songs extremly absurd to the nth degree, many of the musical passages evoke a somehow absurd sort of feel by using complex rhythms and technically challenging melodic structures.
If you're familiar with anything Frank said (interviews, quotes, speeches) , you'd probably conclude that he was an fairly intelligent guy.

Some Zappa quotes:

"Without deviation progress is not possible."

"Politics is the entertainment branch of industry."

"Jazz is not dead, it just smells funny"

"The United States is a nation of laws: badly written and randomly enforced."

"I don’t think it’s any accident that the educational system in
America has been brought to its current state. Because only a totally uneducated
mass of people will be baffled by balloons.

"I don't think music turns people into social liabilities. Because you hear a lyric --
there's no medical proof that a person hearing a lyric is going to act out the lyric.
There's also no medical proof that if you hear any collection of vowels and
consonants, that the hearing of that collection is going to send you to Hell."

“The only difference between a cult and a religion is the amount of real estate they

“You can't be a real country unless you have a beer and an airline - it helps if you
have some kind of a football team, or some nuclear weapons, but at the very
least you need a beer."

“There is more stupidity than hydrogen in the universe, and it has a longer shelf

"Its not getting any smarter out there You have to come to terms with stupidity ,
and make it work for you."

Kasey Ferrel said...

Thinking outside of the box is possibly the only way to keep things interesting. Though we have the same set story lines in most all books and movies, we need some sense of "different" or "absurd" to keep an audience entertained and not bored.

Michael Jones said...

Many discoveries are made because the researcher went of the "beaten track". Many meals we enjoy are because the chef went off the "beaten track". Think about the cellphone in your pocket. It once was a bland piece of plastic and metal that could only make phone calls - now you can browse the internet, connect with friends via social networks, send important sms or emails. Go off the "beaten track" and see what you discover...

Linda B said...

This was a really good article, but being crazy and daring does have a limit , or to me atleast. Its a fine line before you start hearing voices telling you to do things.
Linda B Ndenga

Miranda Connell-Langill (Com 101 3:00-5:30) said...

I think that not only dreaming big, but acting on your dreams is the only way to acheive what you want in life. In life it is extremely easy to stick with what is safe in life, however the only way to really make it big is to take chances or follow your dreams. If you do what you love you'll always be rich (in spirit at least.)

Anonymous said...

It is very true that the brain when put in a position he or she cannot identify he struggles with what to do or laches on. The article says that when people think of inveitable death they lacch on to being religious and friends to help cope with the stress. I believe it. Humans need an answer for everything so when they expect something and they get a blank answer there head begins to spin.

Jade Morton

Anonymous said...

I think this article is referring to innovation from my stand point and experience.I'm a self taught piano and guitar player with a very unorthodox style of play which in my opinion comes from not having politically correct training, but all of the really great players that had proper training that I've met are very impressed with my way of expressing my music and especially considering the short length of time that I've been playing and so am I. Anthony D. Reed

Miranda connell said...

Very often my fiance' and i will take a day, and leave the house with nowhere to go and end up having some of the greatest of times. We would end up in places that we never would have "planned" on going. This is a great way to be spontaneous and keep the excitement alive. I agree with this article 100%

Chantel T. said...

Humans are biologically programed to have a need of being wanted, loved, acceptance, and companionship. So no wonder people cling more onto their biases during a rough time. By doing so, they automatically have more common interest with people that have the same biases or beliefs as them. People feel that if they have stronger beliefs about something, for example religion, it will help them to feel closer to people who feel the same way as them. By having common biases people will grow together by talking about those beliefs. Wanting to have similarities with other people is a normal feeling but when a human being starts depending on others to help them with every situation, that person can lose their own beliefs all because they want to fit in. Sometimes by getting in a tough, abnormal situation and having to figure out a solution for one’s self, without anyone’s help, the human brain can come up with some miraculous solutions. This will teach one’s self to think outside of the box, to be open to more than one specific solution, and can help reteach one’s self to think for themselves and make their own beliefs based on what they think is right and not by what everyone else is telling them to do.

Luisa Galdamez said...

This is part of our survival techniques. We need to make sense of everything around us, and when we feel threaten it awakes us. I have read another work of Kafka's called metamorphosis in which a person is transformed into a cockroach and we never find out how or why. These kind of literary works stimulate our brain to pay attention to detail in hopes to finding an answer.

Luisa Galdamez

Anonymous said...

Pleople that think out side of the box make life interesting. Can you imagine how life would be if we all thought the same way?
Danielle Hoyer
Bc 6003