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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Tree of Liberty

"The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants"

-Thomas Jefferson

What does this mean?

Is it being used properly today?

Is it applicable today?

Is it calling for the violent overthrow of the government?

Is it limited to the situation and time when it was written?

Is it meant as a justification for democracies send military into battle?

Did it belong on Timothy McVeigh's T Shirt worn in Oklahoma City?

Does it apply at modern day "tea parties"?

Can it be taken as threat against the life of the president?

Can it be taken as a threat against the life of any government elected official?

Does  it justify terrorism?

What are your further thoughts on this popular T shirt slogan?

What communication concepts, terms, ideas and practices apply to its use?

Does this overuse of  what is a small portion of just one of the thousands of historic writings of Thomas Jefferson mean we are bypassing change through honest discourse, debate and the Democratic process?

Can the extremes of  our political and society be resolved without a literal interpretation of the "tree of liberty" quote?

First published 9-2-09


lacy said...

what exactly is the Tree of Liberty?? Was it just a statement of Thomas Jefferson or has it been around with a meaning/definition? If i know what that means, i could get a better understanding of Thomas Jeffersons quote and this blog.

Lacy COM 101

Art Lynch, Createcom said...

Read up on it.

The comment is significant in justifying the revolution and has been interpreted many different ways since.

Of greater significance, Jefferson's "Tree of Liberty" comments were used as the masses rose up in the French Revolution.

lacy said... that case i don't feel that our president is threatened. what i get from that quote for today and our president is that Mr. president Obama must put his self in a very difficult place to make a great change or influence. Although, i can see the generation today taking it as a threat to our president.

Lacy COM 101

Art Lynch, Createcom said...

I will admit to being a little boy when Kennedy was shot, and old enough to know what was happening when Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy were assassinated. That is why I take the open threat and waving of arms, coupled with speaking of watering the tree of liberty with blood so seriously.

This is not about the “right to bear arms” (or arm bears). It is about increasing the odds of another Kennedy like loss of a president.

We should not be a country where people openly talk of using violence and weapons instead of discourse and democracy.

It is very dangerous and very scary. And it had happened before!

What would the country be like if Lincoln or Kennedy had lived?

lacy said...

Yes it is very dangerous and real that what happened before could happen again. i can see where people to day might take the qoute has it is in actual words and not think about the true meaning behind the words.

which in that case i would feel that our president is threatend by unknowledgable(wish i could say a different word) people.

i hope that i am understanding the concept.:)

a few weeks ago i saw a poster of the jokers face on a light pole. beneath the picture it read socialist. i came to find out the the face was President Obamas with the joker paint on it. i would not be surprised if i asked that person who made those posters what socialisam was, that they would not be able to give an acurate deffiniton or explantion.

it brought me to realize that our country can progress but still receed. :/

Lacy Com 101 Sec 103:)