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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Remembering 9-11: Topics of Discussion on September 11, 2001

There is no doubt that our world changed on September 11th, 2001. Yet much has not changed. Here were the topics under discussion that date gleaned from my Communication Class preparation notes prior to the World Trade Towers falling and the Pentagon tragedy. You may be surprised on the issues that were in the news and discussion on the eve of and morning of 9-11, before we knew our world had changed.

These were the issues prior to the attack that were in the news on that historic morning. The number that is similar or how our priorities have shifted may or may not surprise you.

Click on "read ,more" below for a list of topics being discussed on 9-10-2001...

Subprime mortgages and predatory lending

Usury through high interests rates

Afghanistan and the Taliban holding 8 foreign aid worker, including 2 Americans, 4 Germans, and 2 Australians

Taliban destroying Buddhist and Hindu historic monuments, holy sites and art

Increased tensions between Israel and Palestine as terrorist go over a wall targeting college students, strong Israeli response seen as not proportionate

Plans for the 70th anniversary of Pearl Harbor and other ongoing World War II 70th anniversary remembrances.

The first nine months of the Bush administration.

The change of names from the Las Vegas Stars to Las Vegas 51’s

A referee strike in the NFL, Bush Administration intervention

Racial Profiling, considered a major problem that needed to be addressed and stopped entirely.

Immigration control along the Mexican boarder due to drugs, illegal’s and low cost smuggled products.

NAFTA and allowing Mexican truckers to drive on US highways without inspections

Vicente Fox and the deterioration of Mexico

El Paso / Juarez mass murders including women disappearing from both sides of the boarder

Foreign drug wars and how they would enter the US and eventually become a national security threat

A proposed blanket amnesty for illegal immigrant living in the US

Racism in movies

Increase and nature of gangs in Las Vegas

Video Games: do they cause violence or reflect society

Movies: are they undermining our morality?

Catholic School Girls pelted with rocks in Northern Ireland

Janet Reno announces a run for Governor of Florida

The Internet Generation and how they will change the world.

Errors and unfair results from computer based testing replacing SAT, GED, and other college entry or placement exams (technology errors causing opposite results then pen and paper test with the same students).

Decrease in full time faculty at colleges and universities

Only 8% of Illinois full time teachers passed all basic skill test given to their students.

Nevada moves to the bottom two states on education, social services, government spending per capita.

Microsoft and the Great God Gates: the monopoly cases against Microsoft in the US, Asia, Europe and South America.

Sound Walls on Highways cutting off views and built to appease developers who knew they were building by a highway (high cost of sound walls)

Helicopter and plane noise along the Tropicana corridor, Green Valley and Summerlain.

Medical use of Pot

Fallen Leukemia Cluster

Yucca Mountain: Energy Secretary Spencer Abraham skips Yucca Mountain Public hearings, cancels hearings at Orleans and Suncoast after stacked DOE meeting with pro-Yucca speakers.

Plans to end the use of the Space Shuttle

School safety

The intelligence animals and what is intelligence

The issue of betting on UNLV and Nevada teams and possible actions by the NCAA, NFL and baseball.

Homosexual rights including marriage, civil union and freedom from discrimination

The Human gnome project.

The need for health care reform due to high cost of insurance (including doctors leaving profession due to insurance inflation)

The nursing shortage and other medical issues

Efforts by MGM and Palace Station to keep unions out

Is education a right or a privilege? Who should pay?

The closure of the Huntridge, and its historic value to Las Vegas

Decrease in funds for charity, including how low Nevada ranks nationally in its support of charities

The right to bear arms

Limiting use of the military within the US, including baring US military from doing the job of National Guard or police.

Posted first 9-1-2008 from notebook used September 11, 2001


Alexis said...

I just believe how crazy it is that our goverment had no idea a attack was being plotted against us when there had been so many attacks against us over seas before 9/11 ever occured. For example:
-1999 Foiled LAX Millennium plot by Ahmed Ressam to bomb Los Angeles International Airport
(Ressam was arrested at US Canadian border)
-2000 Bombing USS Cole in the port of Aden, Yemen, 17 U.S. Navy sailors murdered (Oct 12, 2000)
(The USS Cole was not engaged in any combat during this period)
-2000 Bombing plaza across from US Manila Embassy (Dec 30, 2000)
And more attacks go back to 1979.

Lisa said...

I Agree! I also feel it is pretty ironic that on the same day we get an attack we would limit our miliarty use in the US-including baing US military from doing the job of National Security!!!! That is CRAZY!

Reggie said...

It's shocking to think so many of the things we worried about then still exist and how very little has changed in the light of 9/11. I could have been fooled to think those were a recent account of things happening in the world.

Reggie A. said...

I think it's a little spooky that not much has changed with the problems then and now. I could almost have been fooled to think those were recent events.

Art Lynch said...

National Security is not a reason to cross the line and use regular US Military on our civilian streets. There are many reasons this has never been done (unless you count Coast Guard and National Guard).

(side note, Coast Guard was never used in war until iraq, something their own commander said was a mistake and should be avoided at all costs).

The reason US military cannot be used within the US is to avoid any potential of a police state. Military training is quite different than police or other law enforcement. The line of interfering with citizens rights is far too easy to cross for regular military use to chain of command and military actions and rules of engagement.

The National Guard exist for US internal use and are under the command of governors unless nationalized for foreign service.

Even then in 1968 US National Guard shot and killed 7 civilian students at Kent State, three of whom were not protesters but bystanders. Can you imagine what would happen if the regular military were armed in the US streets?

National security cannot be a reason to take away the civil and personal rights out founding fathers fought so hard to establish in our democracy.

We have boarder patrol, FBC, state police and when needed national guard for border or disaster service, not regular military.

Art Lynch said...
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Jason said...

It seems like were stuck in time with most of these issues going nowhere, sure the t.v. screens have become thinner, but the news is still the same. all the while money is being wasted on finger pointing solutions that just don't get the job done.

Kayla Geale said...

September 11th was tragic. It's sad how long it took for the country to hear about it. I mean, my family and I were totally oblivious about it considering we were at Monterrey Bay Aquarium. It was at least a week before we heard the news.

fred said...

Since 9-11 I think as a country we have become more paranoid. It is very funny to see that years after a tragedy happens everyone seem to care more than when it actually happen. I don't know if it is because at the time we do not really understand what just happened or not everyone knows yet. But years later it is a huge deal. Just saying, that is what it seem s like to me.

Anonymous said...

The government knew there were things going on The problem is the different agencies back then were not required to talk to one another and share their intel. because of this different agencies had pieces of info when if put together it would have been a slap in the face. One of the biggest changes is agency communication is a requirement now. Agencies are all connected so red flags WILL arise when pieces of info are put together. The other two biggest affects on the country are are troops being deployed for war and of course the security at the airport.

As far as the news everyone is right not much has changed in the news. I do see some of those issues have been addressed in todays time but its amazing to see how slow the process of change truly is.

Krystle Gerber
Com 101 4080
Mon 6-850

Anonymous said...

I will forget about 9/11. This truly change us. I know the war is NEVER to end.

Art Lynch said...

Use the list for topic ideas. Just because they were on people's minds in 2001 does not mean they do not apply eleven, a dozen, fifteen years later...

Anonymous said...

it amazeing that the problems in 2001 are the same problems we have now just they were pushed back ten years so they didn't have to deal with them then
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Holly Knowlton said...

remembering 9/11.... i was in my freshman year of high school in the middle of my science class 2nd period. when i walked into the classroom my teacher had the tv on and the news playing on that channel. My mom was to emotional to work and got sent home. My Aunt who still lives in new york to this day had to walk 27 miles out of manhattan on the day of 9/11 until one of her co-workers husbands picked her and the group she was walking with up outside of the city. She finally called the family back here in vegas to let us know she was ok. She, (my Aunt), lost 4 friends that day.

Holly Knowlton com 101 4080