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Friday, October 26, 2012

Why is Communication so difficult? Mediated Communication

From a student:

After reading your blog post entitled "Why is communication so difficult?", I thought about conversations I have had with friends before about this very topic. Mostly we talk about how it is difficult to communicate with people partly because of technology. For example, when someone emails or text messages you, you completely lose the proof of pathos, as we talked about in class today. You lose this because you aren't able to hear a tone of voice or see a person's body language when they convey a particular message to you. Also, what the person says can convey a different meaning to you than what they actually mean. Another reason why it is difficult to communicate is because a lot of people don't always say exactly what they mean. One reason why they do this is because they are so afraid that what they say will be misinterpreted or that what they are saying, whether they mean to offend or not, will not be considered "PC". I think this is because people think that they aren't entitled to their opinions and that words hurt. Honestly, if actions speak louder than words, how much can words really hurt?

Instructor notes:

Mediated communication is any communication requiring, dependent on or using any form of media. Examples are video, audio recordings, telephones, cell phones, text messaging, instant messaging, computer chat, computer video, smoke signals, flag signals or simply handwriting. With each media come advantages and disadvantages. For example on the phone you cannot see a persons face or gestures, so you are not getting the full message. Many times people misunderstand e-mail, text, or IM due to a lack of other tactile interaction or by not understanding the message without support.


Anonymous said...

Wow that makes a lot sense!
Section 111 Jaslynn Cordero

Anonymous said...

I agree with you. That's a lot of the reason I dislike talking on the internet. Even the phone is difficult for me, because I love using my face and body to talk. Also, whenever it comes to the internet I can get brutally honest. I have this logic that if someone doesn't like me they don't have to talk to me especially when it comes to the internet. . . also anyone who's my friend knows that I come off as an ass on the computer and it's not intentional.

Dana Crane said...

This comes from personal experience on mediations...they only work while the parties are in front of the mediator. I have found that most people will be nice and amiable in the mediation, then upon leaving they become what they were before the mediation was necessary.

Dana Crane com101/116

Art Lynch, Createcom said...

I understand the confusion. Mediated can mean through mediation, which is how you used it. In communication it also means throught he use of media (film, audio, video, computer, Internet, magazines and so on....).

alexis said...

I agree with the student, that it is difficult to communicate with all of these mediaded/mediation's like the mass media, computer, Internet, magazines. It does take away from the one-on-one communication that every person should have in life. Because in order to have proper communication you have to have the I contact, etiquette, the right gesters and body language. Just because you can text on your phone or e-mail someone doesn't mean that you have good communication skills. But I do disagree with you when you say ''you think it is because people think that they aren't entitled to thier opinion and that words hurt. I think that people aren't high told to their opinion is just a smart choice to discard some words that might affect someone. Even though actions speak 100 times louder than words, the words can hurt just as bad.Trust me i would know

Alexis Dipietro COM101 section #116

Dina Trifiletti com 101-11 t/r @8 am said...

I couldnt agree more i think it is so easy to sit there and text all day about life, but honestly what does it really mean if your not even making eye contact or reading body language. There is no real emotions when texting or "twittering"

Dina Trifiletti com 101-111 t/r @8 am said...

and i might add that i do try and communicate with people in person because i find it hard to even text sometimes! im either at work or school and if im texting im not paying attention to anything,im not the best multi-tasker.

Kyle Gormley said...

Problem with it is that textual speaking offers little if no emotional inflection. Seems that the wall people build between each other never stop rising.

josh said...

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-Josh Ashley Com101-116

Art Lynch, Createcom said...

thanks for the offer, but only if you are interested in the ad.

This is a good post under mediated communication, as the blog replaces the discussions we use to have in class in person.

Also this blog makes it possible for all sections to take part. The Angle one is divided by course section, too few people to make it work as a teaching, communication or tool expanding beyond content to links and the rest of the universe...

"To Infinity and Beyond...."

amber said...

I think that it is just natural for people to not want to say anything that could be offensive. That is how the white lie came about. That makes some forms of mediated communication easier in my opinion. Saying something that hurts is easier if the sender doesn't have to see the emotion it invokes. Another example of mediated communication making relationships better maintained is skype or anything of the like, it's as close as you can get to person to person coversation, and you can do from any where. It make the world a lot smaller!
On the other hand I agree with the texting. I like to be sarcastic on occasion and it never translates the same through text.
-Amber Fearon Com 101/SM930

Wendy COM101-930 said...

Agreed, integrating technology to our everyday interaction complicates understanding what is being said yet it is in demand more and more each day.

A decade ago, I assume, a college communications professor would not instruct his students to blog. Here we are today, conversing on this topic via internet.

I think it an enticing step to the evolution of human communication. I believe it enhances our awareness of all those signs we pick up from body language and tone used. Subtle signs may be picked up same as speaking in person. Crossing of arms, looking away or head tilts are all things we use as a way to talk to each other. So we improvise; there’s the over use of !!! or easy readers such as :) and LOL.

Now if we can just get all motorists to understand the subtle signs of the road like blinkers! :)

Breyon Miller said...

I see it all the time, people putting smiles [ex; (: or ): or :D] to show their expressions in a text messages, but it still doesn't put the full emphasis on how the person really feels or what they are really thinking. I worry about if I got my point across in a good or bad way, seeing how people tend to take a message in all sorts of different ways. That's why I believe it is better to communicate in person. But also when communicating in person you can see peoples true reactions and sometimes they are not good reactions and it makes speaking more difficult and makes you feel as if you can't really speak your mind.

Edden Amber said...

I agree, and this can happen even if the technology is being utilized in the same room you are communicating with.

For example: my Math professor has the book in PDF format. To use that to my full advantage I just annotate and take notes straight on the PDF. That way its organized by color, I can search threw it, I can draw on the pages of the book. This automatically leads him to assume that I'm a) not paying attention fully or b) im on facebook and he is not receiving the feedback.

In this day and age people forget that technology can get in the way. So I use one of my favorite rules: "Assume positive intent" works most of the time. Unfortunately most people these days dont do this ever.

Anonymous said...

Colleen RT

I definately agree and this makes a lot of sense.