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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Lauriann Bradford on one of her Pet Peeves

Note: the e-mail Lauriann refers to have been omitted from the blog as general Internet e-mails will not be repeated unless they have merit and the permission of the origional author, per blog policy and copyright law. I think you can figure out the point being made without the e-mail Laurian refers to. Those in her section, refer to your in-class e-mails.

Subject:    One of my pet peeves
To:    All course individuals

 "Pet peeves" was mentioned in class on Thursday.  Well, one of mine is these stupid emails that "solve" a problem or "demonstrate" the correctness of a particular agenda that are kept in circulation on the web by people just pass on without checking or thinking.  Below is one that my mother sent to me this morning and my response.  Don't know if it is blog worthy, but you are welcome to use it and/or comment. ( Read bottom email first, to understand my response  AGAIN OMITTED FROM THIS BLOG FOR REASON STATED ABOVE)

This (voting out all politicians) would be a great plan except for at least two flaws.  One, the "new" people will be "beholden" to somebody or entity as well as those in Congress now.  Additionally, it is not up to them to solve all the problems but rather represent US, which can't happen usless we stop blaming, and start listening ; and

secondly, it isn't congress that runs things anymore, it's corporations and the billions that they spend on lobbyists and advertising.  Want to change America?  Every individual person needs to stop finding blame with someone or something else (there ARE no black and white simplistic solutions to any of our problems, everything is interrelated and requires thought and work);

we need to start taking responsibility for our choices for everything from what we put into our mouths to what comes out of our mouths;

start educating ourselves (including READING the constitution and other original/classic documents - not about them);

becoming responsible consumers and caring about what kind of companies that we give our money to. Support corporations (or better yet, local mom and pop businesses) that care about giving back to the community and not some stock holders bottom line.

We need to find the energy to participate in the democratic process and the intellectual discussion that only about 5% of Americans are even aware of, and be able to intelligently research and analyse without relying on a lazy, "beholden- to-corporate- dollars" media (BOTH sides - FOX and CNN etc) for their information.

Lastly, everyone needs to look up the word Statesman and become one.  Everyone does have a personal stake in things, but now that is the only consideration.  The battle cry most people won't admit to - “What's in it for me with the least amount of money and effort, the heck with the rest of the people or future generations”.   It is a question of taking responsibility for one's health and thinking, education, money, and participation in society.  There are direct relationships between our health (energy and quality of thinking), our education, our relationships (with ourselves, family, friends, GOD, environment, etc), the way we spend our money, and our politics/government.   This will require a huge paradigm shift in our society as a whole, and individuals on what we value.Just my .02.

First posted 9-19-09

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