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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Is Journalism a Profession?

Years ago a professor taught me that journalism, as a profession was limited to the central part and latter days of the 20th century. His reasons lie in the fact that while calling themselves a profession there were not standards or checks and balances found in other professions. Freedom also leads to the ability to manipulate, change and even practice without any repercussion. His predictions in the mid 1970's were a decline in the pay, number and outlets for balanced professional journalism while a geometric or even faster increase in outlets for those who have an ax to grind, feel they are the keepers of the truth, or who have a vested financial interests in manipulation. He predicted that ratings, popularity, entertainment and the ability to make people mad or get them fired up would win over reporting the truth through any sort of professional filter.

Where are the test, accreditation, minimum education requirements, apprenticeships or other methods on a supervised honing of the craft given today's economy and the publics greed for scandal, ammunition to hate or mistrust others and to be mushrooms living in a cocoon where events on the other side of the world are of no importance unless they impact our pocketbooks where we live and work?

Can any form of trust in the media and in journalist be restored as long as we have a profit, ratings or subscription, hits or direct response capitalistic system for determining what is news?

What will happen to our free society if the fourth estate disappears or is trusted far less than the society and government they are expected to report on and watch in our interests?

And, who will pay for it all, for what motive and to what impact?

-Art Lynch

Posted 1-26-12


Anonymous said...

When the news cannot be trusted we tend to search out other means of getting our information. Be it an independent web site; paper, and or news channel.

We all pay for propaganda and self interest

sean sieloff 4049

Christina Ortega COM101-4049 said...

You know i think it is rather sad that it may be even more so this way now-a-days. The inquirer, USA today, all of these magazines who's information we can not even be sure is 100% true, sell hundreds of thousands of subscriptions simply because people enjoy their "nonsense"

paul campita said...

Media is the one i don't trust the most because media is a program by an elite group to take control of our minds.The consensus reality that we see portrayed on television and in school history books is a fabricated illusion. The lies of politicians are repeated in the media and then become the basis of histories, the fabric of the media. The war in Iraq provides an excellent current example: in the media we read about bringing democracy to the Iraqis while in reality the US is seizing control of petroleum resources and establishing a permanent military outpost in the Middle East.

Anonymous said...

I think today’s news stories have way too much of the author’s or news reporter’s opinions added. At the speed news now travels at, stories are released and read by thousands before all the facts are known. “Half-truths” spread by news outlets can change the uneducated public’s opinions however the source sees fit.

Michael UOP HUM114

Anonymous said...

Good point about the "uneducated mind". Most educated people would search to find the real truth in the information. In general, the uneducated would believe you if you said the sky is orange because that is how the sun gets its energy... (from actual oranges)

Nicole Baxter COM 101-4080

Anonymous said...

Journalism is a profession. However most people no longer read the paper nor believe half of what is said on the news or cable news networks.

Anonymous said...

Both Michael and Nicole made valid points. The uninterested and uneducated people will believe whatever sounds good and will not seek various views on a specific topic.